Kickstarter Dungeon Denizens only 5 hours left! Check it out!

Mutant Lord


Hey Everybody, I know a lot of you are already backing this Goodman Games kickstarter, and a lot of you play DCC, 5E as well as The Mutant Epoch.
I just wanted to give you a heads up that there are only 6 hours left on this kickstarter. I have produced dozens of full color monsters for this book, including this nasty undead fella!

Check it out:

Dungeon Denizens
500 monsters for 5E & DCC RPG! Kickstarter backers receive a bonus monster! Epic full-color hardcover with PDF+VTT support!
By Goodman Games
$20,000 goal

6 hours left $349,461 pledged

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I crit!
I hope to run into a few Goodman Games Folk at GaryCon! Congratulate them!

There is a ks live stream countdown party tonight too. 5pm Pacific

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