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“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”

1.18 The Antechamber
  • Bottom of stairs from 1.8
  • Walls, floors, sheathed with polished stone. Vaulted 12' ceiling.
  • Side rooms are empty. (Unless the DM wants to put something there.)
  • Imposing doors to the north pull open easily.

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Day 18

A tower in ruins, lost to the jungle and time. Vines and creepers strangle the crumbling stone walls, while tall grasses and ferns have claimed the broken cobblestone path leading to its entrance.
As you approach, you can't help but wonder about the history of this place. Who built it and why did they abandon it? And as you make your way inside, the mystery only deepens. The once grand entry hall is now nothing but rubble and debris. The broken stairs lead to nowhere.
But wait, what's that? A half-buried hatch in the corner catches your eye. It leads to the cellar, where the secrets of this forgotten tower may still lie hidden. But be careful, adventurer, for the jungle has claimed this tower as its own. The moss and mold that cover the walls may be the least of your worries.
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Day 19

Ah, the mysterious hatch in the ruins of the tower. As you pry it open, you can't help but wonder what secrets it holds. And as you descend the rickety ladder into the depths below, the answers to your questions become clear.You find yourself in a laboratory or workshop, where the tower's occupants once experimented and crafted unique items. The room is filled with dusty tables, cluttered with beakers, flasks, and mysterious contraptions. Shelves line the walls, filled with strange ingredients and tomes filled with ancient knowledge.But as you look closer, you realize that this is not just any laboratory or workshop. No, this was a place of dark experimentation, where forbidden knowledge and forbidden magic were studied. The tools and ingredients scattered about hint at twisted and dangerous practices.You can't help but feel a sense of unease as you explore the room. Who knows what horrors were unleashed here, or what still lies hidden in the shadows. Proceed with caution, adventurer, for this is not a place for the faint of heart.


Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
Day 19:

19. This 10’ x 10’ room is empty with no visible exit. For every ten minutes spent searching a ten foot section of wall for secret doors there is a very hard chance of finding one. On a success, there is a 50% chance that a wandering monster comes in through the door from the other side.


Hey @Hriston I have been lurking on this thread just to get some ideas and I noticed that your last few sets of room descriptions all indicate there are no doors in the room you are describing, but your maps show doors (sometimes multiple doors). You also mention secret doors in many of your rooms, but none shown on the maps.

Is there something I am missing?

Cheers :)


One of my rare boring empty rooms, becasue time constraints.
01.19: Guest Stair, Upper

Access: The upper level of the guest stair is accessed from below by the guest stairs (01.11). A door in the north wall leads to the Guest Guard Quarters (01.20), a door in the east wall leads to a hallway where guest rooms are found, and a door in the north wall leads to the Guest Hall and Privy (01.21).

Description: Weather and pest damage has ruined any furnishing and decorations in this area. The remains of three coat closets stand against the north wall. Two tattered cloaks of no value hang there.

Also, here's the map of the upper floors for reference.


Room 72 - The House of Boredom

A 15' x 15' room with doors in the center of each wall. Only the east door is locked.

The west door leads to west door in 73.
The north door leads to west door in 76.
The locked east door leads to west door in 74
The south door leads to west door in 71.

Inka Krigran is not amused to be stuck in here. He sits on his chair and pages fitfully through the books - a dwarvish book on accounting, a gnomish book on brewing fungus wine, and a history of the royalty of the kingdom of Cargood that makes the dwarvish accounting book seem exciting. He has apparently removed several pages and practiced folding them into various shapes that are able to glide through the air when thrown.

A Derro Savant, he is able to call his companions in 73 (and they the ones in 75) when in trouble. Alternatively, turning invisible and then luring the party to the thing in 76 could be fun (slipping past it by staying near the wall and covering his ears).

In any case, he could probably escape this set of rooms with his henchmen, but he is obsessed with Edyllin Fallshine in 74. He hasn't made his way in yet, but has convinced her to provide them with some food and water. He thinks the food and/or water might be slowly poisoning them. It isn't clear if he would rather kill anyone disturbing him or get them to go after Fallshine. Probably the latter followed by the former.

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Room 73 - On Guard(ish)

A 15'x15' room with doors in the center of each wall. No doors are locked, although the east door has a table in front of it.

The west door leads to west door in 72.
The north door leads to the south door in 71.
The east door leads to the east door in 75.
The south door leads to the north door in 76.

The four Derro in this room (Ari, Migrim, Miirn, and Xeer) have lost the thread of what they are doing. They know they're supposed to wait for Inka Krigran to give the order to finally attack -- but they can't remember quite why they hate Edyllin Fallshine (who apparently provides them food -- the way Inka looks at the food makes them suspicious he is up to something). They worried about becoming absent minded for the first week or so, and just don't care so much now and have stopped doing the mental exercises they were told to. They are supposed to check on their companions in 75, but that group has been annoying lately... and so they may or may not have been passing the food over. Just in case they have the table sitting in front of that door. Leaving the table in front of the door means they can't use one side and so sit on the floor to play cards instead of at the table. Beyond the table, stools, and cards, all the room has otherwise is a chamber pot that they sometimes quickly empty into 76 to releave the boredom - especially if they have just retrieved it from lending it to Inka in 72.

Migrim and Miirn are in training to be savants. They each have 20hp and can do mage hand and prestidigitation at will. Migrim can cast invisibility once per day and Miirn can cast sleep once per day. They each suspect the other of cheating with their cantrips and so keep a close eye on each other.

Ari's hooked spear (Knee cruncher) is +1 and both knocks the opponent prone and does damage on a critical.

With thanks to Derro Names for some names.


The next room created (#75) is in post #347 D&D General - #Dungeon23
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Day 20

As you explore the forbidden laboratory, your attention is drawn to a sturdy door, adorned with strange runes carved into the wood. The door is imposing and forbidding, and the several locks that secure it only add to the sense of mystery. The runes seem to glow with an eerie light, and you can't help but wonder what secrets they hold. Curious, you try the handle, but it's locked tight. You find a set of keys nearby and try them one by one until one finally turns in the lock. The door creaks open, revealing a room beyond. Inside, you find several cages, each one big enough to hold a monstrous creature or horror. The cages are made of thick metal bars, and the runes carved into the wood of the door are also etched into the metal of the cages. At first, it looks like the cages are empty, but as you move closer, you realize that may not be the case. The cages are old and rusted, but they were once well-maintained and secure. It's clear that the occupants of the laboratory used to hold monsters and horrors captive here, to experiment on them. But now, the cages are empty, or are they? The runes etched into the metal of the cages seem to pulse with a faint energy, and you can't shake off the feeling that something is still lurking there. The experiments may be over, but the horrors may still be present. The room holds an eerie aura. You can't help but feel a chill run down your spine. It's clear that something sinister happened here.


Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
Hey @Hriston I have been lurking on this thread just to get some ideas and I noticed that your last few sets of room descriptions all indicate there are no doors in the room you are describing, but your maps show doors (sometimes multiple doors). You also mention secret doors in many of your rooms, but none shown on the maps.

Is there something I am missing?

Cheers :)
The language I’ve been using is “no visible exit”, meaning no doors except the one you came in through, which would be an entrance rather than an exit. I think if you look at the maps of these rooms, there should only be one door.

The reason a secret door is not shown on the map in such cases is that it can be on any ten foot section of wall the players decide to have their characters search, so I’ve detached the map of the area beyond the secret door from the rest of the level.

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