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Dungeon Master of Middle-earth
3. Troll Treasure-Hoard: The chimney “C” from level 1 descends into this 20’ x 30’ chamber which is inhabited by a troll: Equinus. His hoard contains 1,000 sp.

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Day 64

At the entrance to the mine, we found a small windowless building that provided changing rooms and resting facilities for miners. It looked as if it had been hastily abandoned. What's strange is that it looks like it was abandoned recently, not 1000 years ago. What is going on here?

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Day 65

As we walk along, we come to a sentry wall that is supposed to keep people away from the mines. It is locked. We hear something behind the wall. Humanoids, language. There are survivors in this city? After a thousand years of sealing?



Day 66

We actually met descendants of the inhabitants of Kyrthar Tahlketh. We managed to convince them not to attack us. Instead, as far as we could understand, they took us to the chief of the mines. They speak something that sounds like the language of the Empire, but is quite different. I can understand maybe half the words. We were asked if we were part of the unbroken circle, to which I replied in the negative. That seemed to reassure the warden. He wants to know how we got into the mine. I don't want to say yet that we came from outside. Who knows what that would do to the people here.


Like others, I've been feeling pretty burned out this week, but I managed to push through. The simple act of writing something is really valuable. Most of the week has been empty rooms, but some interesting stuff emerged from my listless typing.

Anyway, we're now under the Necropolis, with sunken shrine and some other weird stuff that connects to that. This is actually the bottom level of this dungeon -- the main dungeon goes up, in the various ziggurat-like terraces of the central fortress -- but it will provide a useful shortcut to the overworld (or a secret entry to the necropolis, I guess).

The Drowned Fane

1: Shrine
  • A chamber with a high vaulted ceiling, 20’ up. Pitch black. Submerged, except the top 10’ of the vault. Completely submerged passage to the East; short submerged passage to the west. Dirt-blackened reliefs of waves and playful dolphins.
  • (?) Floor is littered with offerings that glitter in lamp or magelight, including a golden bracelet and 3d6 gold coins.
  • (!?) There is a hole in the centre of the floor, leading to the abyssal lair of the infant god.
  • (!) Oxygen in the air pocket in the ceiling is real but limited.
  • (!) Stealing the offering coins raises the alarm level.

2: Sunken Passages
  • Completely submerged passages with no air pockets. A faint current pulls toward the South.

3: Spiral Stair
  • Hewn from the stone and rising out of the water. Water trickles down, echoing down the long spiral.

4: Lair of the New God
  • 60’ down, a rounded cavern formed naturally of gleaming jade, lit by the bioluminescence of the slumbering, many-legged child of the deep.
  • (!) The god sleeps, unless alerted. Victims are subdued, encased in a gooey membrane containing air, and glued to the lair’s wall.

5: Leaky Valve
  • Big brass wheel in a broad vertical pipe controls the valve that releases water from the aquifer. The valve leaks: water pools on the floor and runs down the spiral star #3.
  • (?) The wheel is stuck.
  • (!) Opening the valve will flood the stair and the areas beneath even more, eliminating any air pockets.
  • (?) It may be possible to seal the valve, leading to the eventual draining of the submerged areas.

6: Dam
  • Corridor is jammed with all manner of junk – flotsam, stones, clay.
  • (!) This leaky dam connects to the qanat system under the desert. Breaking it releases all of the water from the flooded areas (except #4). Anyone caught in the flood will be carried along into the (now water-logged with very cranky inhabitants) land bat nest.
  • (?) The seal is not perfect -- you can feel the faintest of currents leaking out.

7: Trough
  • A section of the walls and ceiling of this old chamber has caved in, and a crude tunnel winds off above water level. The water is only 10’ deep – beyond this, the muddy ground is tramped with many strange footprints…
  • (!) The molerat hive draws its water from here.


I fell off the wagon over the weekend. Two days to make up for :-/
Two days is easy. And your dungeon needs empy rooms: they're not just filler, they're for pacing, mood, time & resource attrition, places for random encounters, dumping cool but useless stuff, etc.

Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
Another week or so worth of rooms. Drawn during Monday's virtual gaming session.


3.6 Almost Bottom Level of Mine
  • Southern shaft ends here; northern shaft keeps going down
  • Wreckage of southern elevator
3.7 Guard Room
  • Thick iron portcullises blocking south and east exits
  • Bronze wheels on walls near portcullises
3.8 Depleted Vein
  • (skill check) A seam of precious gems was found here; fully mined
  • (skill check) A few small gems might still be found amidst debris
  • (skill check) Also lizard footprints
3.9 - 3.13 Lizard Lairs
  • 0-3 Giant Lizards
3.14 I Am The Lizard King
  • Really Big Lizard
  • Magical treasure in his stomach

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