Easier than an e-mail to each of the mods.


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I don't need to be here. I know it; you know it. Time to enact an early "new year's resolution," so to speak, and get rid of one of my surfer bookmarks.
Sorry, guys. I really didn't mean to cause problems. Most of ya are real sweethearts and don't deserve the headache, intended or not.
Take care.

:) Consider it my Christmas present to you. ... Yeah, I kinda like that.
Happy holidays!

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Come back when you get bored. No, wait - I know what happens when you get bored! Come back when you AREN'T bored! :D

And really, it's not like we aren't in touch.


Mod Squad
Staff member
Or, come back when it looks like folks are a little less... strident, so that your form of humor can be more appreciated.

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