D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC

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"Riches? Danger? Sounds a fine distraction! A toast to the adventure ahead!" Fareon held his mug aloft, keeping am eye out for anyone with a milk mustache.

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Buddy eagerly downed the second round Vada ordered. He shifted his bulk in his chair, which wasn’t particularly soft, and smacked his lips. He patted his stomach, wishing he had something to munch on.

“Will there be a lot of walking? Or stairs? I’m pretty sure stairs are against my religion.”

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
"I'll drink to that," Wilhelm says with enthusiasm, raising his own mug to Fareon's toast. "To adventures!"

Taking a gulp of his fresh ale, the young man then looks at Buddy, his vision starting to grow blurry. With a smile, Wilhelm says, "Stairs against your religion? Tell Silvanus his trees are being put to good use, or we'll all be sleeping in this room instead of upstairs in a bed!"

Carson held his mug aloft, keeping am eye out for anyone with a milk mustache.
Pretty sure your halfling isn't named Carson... ;)
Note: Events in this adventure take place about two years after the attack at Greenest. BUt glad some of you know enough to help with adding in a bit here and there, that will be awesome.
Ah, good to know. I figured as Wilhelm is such a good guy, he's mostly thinking about the good such treasure can do for the common people, and as I am preparing to run an offline HotDQ campaign, I thought it would be a nice fit that he wants to help rebuild Greenest. Also, Greenest is not very far from his home.


Veradda Stoor.jpg "Well," she says sheepishly. "I was hoping to leave tonight, after dinner of course." she adds hastily looking at the frowns. "The wagon and supplies I sent ahead to save time on the trip we would take. It will be waiting for us at the mouth of the Ardeep River. We will take a boat to... well I'm not sure of the settlement, but it is located at the mouth of the Ardeep. A little walk and we will hit pay dirt."

She waits for all the questions to subside. "So your all in then?"


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Fareon smiled slyly. "If you keep your head and heart towards what's right, you don't worry where your feet tread, for your footing is always sound." He finished his mare's milk in a long frothy swallow then sighed. "Lean on. I follow for now."

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“A little walk?” Buddy said. “I don’t like the sound of that. But whatever. If we get this treasure maybe i can buy a horse to do the walking for me.”

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"After dinner?" Darien says incredulously. "You're killing me, Veradda." Darien stands, picks up his glass, and downs it. "I'll be back." He goes over to Elana, "I fear, milady, I will not be able to walk you home tonight, but if you were to take a short break from working, perhaps we could spend some time together right now? I'm sure I can work something out with the owner if he might object to you leaving now during the evening rush."
OOC: Persuasion [roll0] (And now we find out how charming he actually is.)
Assuming it all goes well, Darien is busy for an hour or two.

Searinox lets out a Small sigh as he sees Darian go of in his womanizing ways again. Taking a good gulp of his drink he turns towards Veradda.
"Sounds good to me, what are we having?"

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