D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC

Searinox winks at Darian, then turns to Wilhelm anf laughs, "Me? An adventurer? No, though the trip from Mirabar every other month could count as a adventure i guess." he takes small sip from his drink. "So No, not on a adventure, he helped me settle a despute some time ago and we just kept around since then."
He then leans in closer to Wilhelm "What about you then? Trying to follow in your mothers footsteps?"

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Mirabar?" Wilhelm wonders. "Isn't that mostly dwarves who come there?"

Flushing a bit, the young man nods. "I grew up with the tales of my mother's adventures. It's almost as if I experienced them myself, and I knew I had to be an adventurer! Finding treasure and magical lore... T-to defeat evil and help people, I mean," he ends awkwardly.


“Because your god turns out to have a sense of humor and wants to watch you flail about like a fish out of water?” Buddy said matter of factly.

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"I just like to have a bit of fun and excitement. I've had some fun tonight and now I'm ready for excitement." Darien says as he finishes eating gently sips at his wine.


After everyone has eaten their fill and readied themselves, they follow Veradda Stoor out of The Jade Jug, and make their way to the docks of Waterdeep. The sun still has a few hours of light left in it when your welcomed aboard a long keel-boat called The Sea Spear, its short width and sharp prowl living up to its namesake. The captain is a Triton by the name of Ghasilfel Tate,


Casting off after everyone is aboard your new company watches as Waterdeep drifts by and then behind, till a curve in the land puts the city out of sight. The open sea is before you and you catch the talk of some of the crew. From what you overhear it sounds like there has been trouble with giants again, this time unruly storm giants, whom usually keep to themselves. Ships have gone missing and the weather has been terriblie unpredictible.

Veradda and the capatin are just coming back from his cabin, the half-elf with a bright smile on her face. "Captain Ghasilfel was just telling me about the goings on at Nightstone." she says looking out to sea and still smiling. "Word came down the Ardeep River that the central stone that the keep is named after is now covered in glowing runes, where before there was nothing marking the black stone. They could be anything, a map to untold riches, the incantation to some new spell, or even a portal stone trying to open and just needing someone to figure out where the door knob is."

She turns around excitedly and nods to the captain, "I'll go with you up river captain ready a longboat for when we arrive." It is then the captain's turn to smile and as he does he turns and walks back to the other side of the boat giving out orders.

"I can't pass up this opportunity. The first person to discover the secret to Nightstone. It would make me famous." she laughs. "But I hope you all will stay on with this quest and meet me in Nightstone after you've found the Cult's treasure."

She looks at everyone expectantly as if she were a child asking permission from one of her parents.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Wilhelm is thrilled, standing at the railing and just watching the sea. So much water! He'd never been at sea before, and despite knowing the stories, he was awed. At first glance, the water was all the same, but upon closer inspection, deeper shades of blue and green intersected with lighter colors, and sometimes fish could be seen swimming just below the surface.

If it wasn't for the triton captain, Wilhelm wouldn't have noticed Veradda returning. He turns to her and Ghasilfel, and smiles at the captain. After several moments, Wilhelm realizes he is staring at the man, and looks away with some effort.

"Nightstone, yes, yes," he stutters, his mind catching up with what Veradda has just said. "So you'll go to Nightstone, and we find you there after we've acquired the Cult's illgotten gains? You'll not be joining us, then?"

He then looks at the others, his halfling friend in particular, to see how they feel about it. "Think we can pull this off without the lady?"


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Upon seeing the Triton, Fareon's jaw went slack, and hung open for long moments. His awkward staring in amazement of the amphibian man truly only stopped once they made way. Amazement turned to sickness and the halfling who grew up in grassy plains as far as the eye could see was pitching his rather large dinner over the side of the ship..The sheer amount of fluid expelled seemed to defy physics. In between bouts Fareon wiped his face and Wolf licked his cheek of what remained, in obvious concern. "What kind of madmen invented this means of travel???"
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When their captain said his name, and indeed anytime anyone says his name, Buddy follows it with “Bless you.”

The Sea was not kind to Buddy. He spends most of his time with his head hanging over the side, the contents of his stomach being offered to the sea in exchange for a safer voyage.

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