D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC

"Hard to say," Searinox replies to Fareon "Sea Travel has a extremely long history. I would be hard to determine Who exactly Made the First boat."

He then looks to Veradda, wondering what secrets the glowing Stone might hold.
-"I Hope we get back in time to see what the Stone holds"-

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When Veradda is not around, Darien asks the captain how long he's known Veradda. And ask how long this stone has been glowing with runes.

Captain Ghasifel eyes the nobleman and then looks over to Veradda. His dark eyes suddenly grow wide, and he raises his hands before him. "No, no! The Reefia an I are not like that. We are not... not mates." he says thinking Darien to be challenging him. His common is broken and rough, but Darien understands in the end. Veradda met the triton on an adventure in the Moon Sea and it was her ideal to get him into sailing.

Once Darien changes the subject the captain answers cautiously. "Not long, davero, um... two, two days ago."


As Buddy and Fareon share the railing and both continue to lose their dinner, Veradda details what she knows about the treasures location and the way from there to Nightstone. (i.e. the party won't get lost, haha)

"The settlement we are going to is called High Docks," Veradda was saying as Darien returns. "Well that is what the humans call it, anyway. The place is new and is a joint effort of merfolk and men to build a safe place away from the larger cities to trade and share information. You'll have a rack in the bunkhouse when we get there and you can set out in the morning. I'll be in Nightstone hopefully by midnight, and we will all meet there around noon tomorrow."


The Sea Spear reaches the cliffs of High Dock as the sun finally touches the water of the horizon. The tributary of the Ardeep river cuts through the cliffs and the outpost proper is some sixty feet above the sea level. Buddy groans at the sight of all the stairs.

Veradda and the captain talk to a man on the docks and you are all ushered off to the crisscrossing staircase leading to the outpost above. Everyone that is except Therysilla, the quite drow becomes very forcefull about the safety of the half-elven explorer. After a moments argument Veradda relents and allows the paladin to accompany her as her bodyguard.

After giving the remaining group their finally instructions and answering any remaining questions they have, the skiff sets off between the two looming cliffs and up the River Ardeep towards Nightstone.

Tired from what has been a long day the group of treasure-seekers head off to bed (as there is no tavern/inn in High Docks yet), knowing the will need all the wits and strength come the morrow.

Treasure of the Broken Hoard
designer: Shawn Merwin

The skies are blue and the sun is warm as you follow the trail off the Trade Way that finally leads you to the cave entrance Veradda mentioned held a piece of the Cult of the Dragon's stolen goods.

The day started off with a poor meal of porridge, bacon, and bread, but when you were shown the cart Veradda had stocked for this treasure hunt, your thoughts are she had spent as much gold as she may have hoped to find. It took almost all morning to inventory and then repack the cart, but it seemed well worth it. Then the group hooked up Merrybuck to the cart and then set out.

During your trip other travelers you met claimed to have seen evidence of giant activity: rune-covered boulders, huge footprints, and missing livestock. You saw none of that evidence and thought it may all have been the overactive imagination of scared farmers and merchants, until now.

Pulling up the cart and tying off the reins you notice the muddy ground before the huge cave entrance. The prints of many bare feet are everywhere along with what can only be a pair of bare giant footprints, nearly four feet in length.

All prints lead to the cave.

OOC: Please list prepared spells for this new day in your next post, thanks.

Whilest traveling towards the location of the treasure Searinox took the Time to drawn out a Small Magic Circle with some charcoal he had purchased at the outpost and lighted some incence, and preform a small Ritual. The circle was a strange mix of Different elements, the circle itself was rough showing dwarven make, yet the runes where of elven make. After he had completed the preparations the runes glowed bright for a moment and as they started to release smoke the smoke coalest into a Raven. As the Bird shook its Head and gathered its surroundings Searinox reached out to it and patted it on It's Head. "Good to see you again Devana."

He then proceded to pick up the heavy spellbook that he had laid beside him that discribed the Ritual he had Just preformed. Continueing to read it until they reach the destination.


Once There he jumps of the cart and looks at the Raven and motions it to do a fly By of the surroundings.
"Looks like alot of activity has happend here"

Going to spend 10g to cast Find Familiar if you Don't Mind?

1D20+3 = [4]+3 = 7

To hung over from the summoning it seems

Spells prepaired;
Absorb Elements, Ice Knife, Mage Armor, Shield

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