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"Of course I'm in! And I'm curious to what's for dinner as well," Wilhelm says with a smile to Searinox.

Having the half-elf's attention, the human warlock Wilhelm nods towards Darien who has walked up to the woman. "Known him long, have you?"

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Searinox smiles back "why yes, about 6 years now I believe." he then turns to look at Darians latest 'adventure' "He's Always been a ladies man. And he's good at it too."


Veradda excuses herself for a moment and goes to speak with the innkeep. She returns followed by a pot-boy and maid who start setting the table for dinner.

"We are having a bit of everything. A feast worthy of a grand adventure." the half-elven woman says with a cheerful grin.

Soon the innkeep is leading a trio of servants out of the kitchen holding a large platter. When he puts the tray in the center of the table the aroma of roast pork and gravy fill the table. Then the rest of the entrees and sides start to fill the table as the others place the bowls, platters, and dishes they carry.

There is grilled trout, roasted quail, and side of brisket that must have come from a giant version of a bull. The side dishes include, buttered red potatoes, peas&onions, grilled yams coated with brown sugar, and of course the house specialty - roasted green tomatoes.

A feast fit for a king's table and the group celebrates till they are all joking about not being able to walk (even to the boat).


Darien had slipped out the back with the mischievous barmaid. She led him to a dark secluded spot, that had the noble wondering if this was the first time she had ever been to it. After some cuddling and kissing the barmaid cuddled up cozily against Darien's bare chest and started making plans for their future.
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Taking up his plate Searinox starts filling it with a little bit of everything, to get a Taste for what to pick next. As he does he sees Buddy, and turns around to Darian, "If you don..." No Darian to be found.
He turns back around and shrugs, "Well, more for us then. Could I get another tankard of your strongest Stout?" he then continues eating.

OOC: if Darian is taking to long to get back before everything is eaten Sear will try to keep a few things that Darian would like to the side.


Fareon sampled a variety of food, eschewing utensils and often testing the capacity of how much food could be crammed into his craw. In between open mouthed chews he gave his new allies a greasy smile. "So much food!"

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Buddy’s eyes lit up at the food. He immediately began to put a little of everything on his plate, wanting to try it all. He took seconds and thirds from the dishes he especially liked. Downing it with another mug of ale, he sat back, happy.

“Alright, you’ve talked me into it. We can go. But when we get to the wagon, I get to ride in it.”

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"Sure you get to ride in it till it is full of treasure, then I'm afraid it may not be a very comfortable ride back to Waterdeep," Veradda laughs as she eats a small plate of fish and grilled green tomatoes.

The rest of dinner is filled with small talk of adventures long past and what the future may bring.

OOC: I will post up a long post getting the group ahead (and boated safely south) unless anyone has anything else they wish to do.

Darien returns an hour or so later and starts to pick at the remains of the meal. "Seari, you are too good to me." He says as he accepts the food set aside for him by his friend.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Wilhelm has been eating hungrily, but not without manners. He frowns at the lack of table manners of Fareon, but holds his tongue, knowing that friendship is more important than etiquette.

"Thank you for the wonderful meal," he says earnestly to Veradda halfway during dinner. "I only hope we can complete our mission successfully so I can repay your trust."

After that, Wilhelm tries to get Searinox to talk about his life, perhaps any adventuring he's been into.

"So did you meet Darien during an adventure? Are you an adventurer? My mother used to be an adventurer. Have you heard of the Fortune's Friends?"

The young man brims with enthusiasm, but stops himself as he realizes this. "Apologies for my prodding. I was born half a world away from anything exciting, so I'm very curious about new people."

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