D&D 5E EB's Storm King's Thunder - IC

Darian hides as well somewhere near 4B, just south of the building close toward the east edge of the building.

OOC: Stealth [roll0]

Yeah, I didn't remember a map 200+ posts and 3+ months ago. I feel better about that now.

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OOC: Each sq. in the cutaway is roughly 10'

Darian watches as the riders stop near the dead worg, looking it over from horseback. Then one says something and two men dismount and enter the inn, weapons drawn.

*grrr-ooww* *hiss* *hiss*

Suddenly Devana hiss at the group from near the corner of the building. As one the five men turn their horses towards her and Searinox, who has to hold the cat back. He notices her staring at something around one of the men's neck... a snake, a winged snake.


"I'm gonna go find out who these guys are." said Halruhk to anyone listening, and he began to boldly march toward the closest of the newcomers.

OOC: Winged Snake vs Winged Cat. FIGHT!

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