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OOC: Arcana check: Winged snakes are very poisonous, so be careful. They aren't familiars just a "natural" creature of the world that can be kept as pets.

As the half-orc knight-errant moves towards the square the two bandits emerge from the inn. "Just a couple dead gobos in there. No people alive or dead, to be found." They report.

The half-elf with the serpent looks up from the dead worg and gives a grin as Halrukh walks by the group of dead goblins outside the trading post. "Your handy work?" he calls and makes a passing sweep of his hand towards all the corpses. The snake tries crawling up the back of his head excitedly. "Now, now Jocca lets be civil."


OOC: Anything Halrukh tries will be aided by Buddy so you gain advantage on Persuasion or Deception checks you make. So the question is how do you want to handle these guys?

AC:16/17, HP: 18/20, 2/2 HD, hidden
AC:19, HP: 30/30, 2/2 HD, 1/2 Rage, hidden
AC:15, HP: 18/18, 2/2 HD, 02/07 Temp HP, Spells; 0/2 (1stlvl), 1/1 shield, hidden
AC:12, HP: 14/14, 2/2 HD, Spells; 3/0/0, 1/1 recovery, 2/2 bladesong(+3),
AC:16, HP: 12/16, 2/2 HD, Spells; 2/0/0, 1/1 channeling,
AC:17, HP: 22/24, 2/2 HD, 1/1 SW, 1/1 AS

Devana AC:12 HP: 8/8
Wolf AC:12 HP: 5/5
Little Buddy AC:13 HP: 9/9
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OOC: I can barely make out who's who in that map. But I can see Darian is not where I said he was going. He's supposed to be where whoever the blue blob is. (I wanted the building between him and the courtyard #3 and I said the south-east corner, didn't I?)
Darian hides as well somewhere near 4B, just south of the building close toward the east edge of the building.
Don't tell me up is not north on a map with no north indicator.


Halruhk shrugged, "A good gobbo's a dead gobbo."

He eyed the newcomer suspiciously, but decided to stay friendly, "What brings you an' yer gang to Nightstone? As you can see, this town's seen better days. You here to help out, or what?"

[roll0] w/ Buddy's Help [roll1]
[roll2] w/ Buddy's Help? [roll3]


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Wilhelm stays hidden as he watches the riders from around the corner of the building he's moved behind. He tries to gauge if they are friendly towards Halruhk, and has a spell in mind in case they are not.

OOC: The blue blob is Wilhelm. :)

Stealth check: [roll0]
Ready action: Cast Eldritch Blast on closest enemy as soon as hostile action is taken by the riders to Halruhk or any other ally.


The handsome half-elf gets a half grin on his face as he listens to Halrukh's questions. "Yes we will help. Close the gate, man those two towers." He says to two of his men, before turning back to the half-orc. "We were actually on our way here. To Nightstone." (Insight = True but not the whole story.)

Two of the men dismount and pull bows and quivers from the sides of their mounts, before trotting off towards the gate.

"Maybe we should talk in the inn? Hopefully the ale didn't disappear along with the villagers."
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Halruhk thought for a moment; he was thirsty, even if he was unsure about the half-elf. "Sure. Let's talk about it. Hey, you got anybody who's a good enough rider that they think they can make a jump that's about fifteen feet out an' ten feet up at the landing point?"


"Hmm... jump the broken bridge?" the half elf says looking towards the keep. "Probably could, but how safe is the other side? If your not sure its safe, we shouldn't risk a horse ending up in the drink. Speaking of..."

He turns to a couple of his men. "You four see to the horses, but leave one saddled in case we do try this little jump."

With that he heads towards the inn. "Follow me.. oh where did my manners go? My name is Holkin. I'm sorry its been a long ride, lets get that drink."

With that Holkin and two of his men enter the inn. The other four lead their horses towards the stables.

OOC: So I'm figuring Halruhk and Buddy go to the inn. What do the rest of you wish to do?

Searinox looks at Darian and is about to whisper,
"Should we show ours..." realizing they are about to ask the Same thing he turns to face this Holkin, then back to Darian
"Might aswell." and he starts walking

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