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Edge Studios Announces Details for Arkham Horror RPG

New blog post describes the game’s Dynamic Pool System


Edge Studio released new details about Arkham Horror Roleplaying Game describing the game’s D6-based Dynamic Pool System.

The game uses six-sided dice in two different colors and “you’re going to need quite a few of them” according to the post. The upcoming starter set is stated in include a total of 24 dice, 12 in green and 12 in black.

Each character has a pool of dice and performs actions by removing dice from their dice pool. Sometimes – but not always – a roll will be required for an action. Pools refill at the end of each turn in combat and the end of each scene outside of combat. However, the pool also represents damage and will refill more slowly if you’ve been injured.

Characters will also have skill ratings that act as a target number for the roll. A skill of 2+ means a success happens on any roll of 2 or higher and indicates the highest proficiency with the skill, while the lowest is 6+ and requires rolling a 6 or higher on a six-sided die to succeed. Players decide how many die to spend in any particular test from their dice pool, but only one success is needed to complete the action.

More details are available in the blog post. Arkham Horror RPG Starter Set is set for release on August 2, 2024.

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott

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they're basically just doing the math for you.

That's what they said about THAC0.

I get what your saying but the old man in me likes things the way there where in my day. Good stats are high, math is mandatory, and..... well ......some other thing I forgot. Get off my lawn.


I tend to cut Edge some slack because they were a tiny RPG company that got bought by Asmodee and, at some point after Embracer Group bought Asmodee, they decided to shake up Fantasy Flight by pulling all the RPG production out and leave them solely doing board/card/miniature games. And gave a couple of very popular RPGs to Edge with Star Wars and Legend of the Five Rings. It was a LOT more than the company was used to and they would have to ramp up quickly to figure out how to meet demands on lines that popular, especially since even FFG was having issues keeping Star Wars titles in print. So their first priority was to get the very popular license that was blowing up at the time thanks to Mandalorian back in stores...

And then the pandemic happened.

And then the shipping crisis.

And then the printing industry kinda exploded.

Did I mention that Edge is a French company now working with English language titles andd also trying to figure out shipping and distribution to North America when most of the printing is done in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe while all of the above is happening?

Yeah, they've had a rocky run of things since they took over with even L5R, which always had a pretty steady release schedule, drying up pretty much as soon as the stuff FFG was developing got released...but I can understand why they're in that situation. And it looks like they're starting to get a handle on things with a new release just out recently (the Twilight Imperium RPG) and most of the Star Wars stuff has been reprinted...

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