Free "Eldritch Express" A one-page RPG set on a haunted train

Welcome to Eldritch Express, a thrilling one-page tabletop RPG of pulpy occult horror set on a supernatural mystery train. With just a pack of standard playing cards and some D6s, you'll embark on a harrowing journey filled with malevolent entities, dangerous traps, and mysterious boons.

Key Features:

  1. Fast and Simple Event System: Experience a streamlined and easy-to-remember event system that uses the suit and value of each card to reveal the next spine-chilling challenge you'll face aboard the Eldritch Express.
  2. D6 Dice Pools: Engage in simple and intuitive resolution mechanics with D6 Dice Pools, tailored to your character's unique stats. Every roll will keep you on the edge of your seat as you strive to survive the horrors that await.
  3. Rogue-lite Elements: Discover the thrill of rogue-lite elements that add replayability to your adventure. Each run feels slightly different, ensuring no two journeys on the Eldritch Express are ever alike.
Get ready to confront the unknown, embrace the darkness, and uncover the secrets that lie within the heart of the Eldritch Express. With its straightforward rules and immersive gameplay, this mysterious journey will keep you hooked from start to finish. Will you survive the horrors that await? Hop aboard and find out.

Get it for free here: Eldritch Express by Measured Descent Games


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