D&D 5E Elf Great-Weapon Fighter help


I have a player who almost always rolls up an elven great-weapon style fighter as a first character when we try a new edition or system out. Looking at the race and class in DDN I have to wonder if that's a great combination. I mean dexterity will be lost for armor as she'll go heavy without a doubt, though solid init is a +. The sub-race bonuses don't seem that appealing either.

So I figured I'd post on here to see if anyone has some build recommendations that can help with that racial ability bonus impairment she'll be starting with. She doesn't care so much about having the best build. If it's fun and stays relatively even with the rest of the group that's all fine and good.

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Yeah elves are not ideal for great weapon fighters but this is what I would do.

Wood Elf, for the +1 wis (very common save), increased mobility (focus on this, get the mobility feet later and have a 45 speed).

Go with a 14 dex, for the saves, initiative, and use medium armor that doesn't penalize stealth so that you can get the most out of the Mask of the Wild ability.

I recommend polearm master because the feat is hands down amazing, the fighting style works on both ends of the polearm, the feat gives you the ability to make a bonus action attack then if you picked up the mobility feat run up to 45' and hit something 10' away with reach.

I picture a highly mobile, hiding in the rain/snow elf that just runs up and slices fools with his halberd.


I 'might' be able to convince her to go Sword/Board which she could at least stick with finesse weapons. But if not, I'll definitely push your idea. :)

Another alternative is she may end up going Pally for Oath of Vengeance. She loved Avengers in 4th ed. At least there the Wisdom bonus wouldn't be wasted from wood elf. :)


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Nope, wisdom is still wasted on Paladins. They now use charisma for spellcasting, become immune to fear and add charisma bonus to saves. They need wisdom arguably less than any other character class. Expect to see lots of wisdom 8 guys charging about the place.

Wood elves make very good rangers and decent dual-wield or duelist fighters. They aren't able to keep up at smacking people with two-handed swords, at least until level 12 when their strength matches anyone else's.


Ah I see, I had just assumed wisdom. Yea I think her best bet is finesse sword/board 'duelist' fighter. If she went great weapon she'd have to spend one more of those precious ability score boosts to get her strength to 20 instead of grabbing a feat. Not that she wouldn't be willing, her characters have always been more about flavor than mechanical peak.

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