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EN5ider #276 - Mini-Adventure: Secret Faces of Velsburg

Today's EN5ider post is a sidequest by Charlie Brooks where the PCs learn a dangerous secret about the small, remote hamlet of Velsburg as they go about saving its citizens from a bloodthirsty serial killer. If you're looking for a quick excursion for 4-5 PCs of 5th level (or thereabouts) that will compel the table to make a tough decision at its end then read onward!

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Lately on EN5ider:

  • #276. Mini-Adventure: Secret Faces of Velsburg. While traveling through the wilderness the adventurers come across a small hamlet plagued by a recent rash or murders committed by 'The Ghost'. The longer the party stay in Velsburg however, the quicker they realize that the supposedly bloodthirsty spirit preying upon the settlement is not the remote village's only mystery. In this sidequest to save Velsburg the PCs are confronted with a shocking truth underpinning it all and are presented with a dire dilemma: is it worth saving? This mini-adventure is for 4-5 PCs of 5th level. Written by Charlie Brooks; illustrated by Savage Mojo; cartography from Dyson Logos.

  • #275. Intriguing Organizations: The Osseous Dwarves of Hollow Mountain. In the ancient past the exiles of a dwarven kingdom made their own home by hollowing out a mountain and building a fortress atop it, embracing the defensive measure that saw them cast out by their kin—necromancy. Eventually the world saw their civilization undone but someone (perhaps even the party or someone they know) raided the entrance to their seemingly abandoned city. This trespass has disturbed the slumber of the stout folk and now they rise again as undead, masterless and deluded into believing they live still. The few who know of them call them the Osseus Dwarves for they believe the weapons and armor they forge is made of steel, unaware and unable to see not only their own changed forms, but also that they wield and wear the bones of the dead. This killer entry in the Intriguing Organizations series includes 2 new magic items (bone plate and the bone warhammer), 3 new monsters (Osseous Agent, their leader Blue Helm, and the awesome Siege Mammoth!), and all the details a GM might need to include this group in a game. Thanks to designer Eran Aviram for another brilliantly written article; amazing illustration by the inimitable Indi Martin!

  • #274. ZEITGEIST #7 - Schism: Part 1. Finally the party has a chance to infiltrate the Obscurati, master conspirators they've been chasing for much of the adventure path! On a bleak, remote isle, the gathered villains plot the final stages of their grand design. This heavily-guarded affair is the best chance to land a killing blow against the Obscurati, but to get close enough to strike the constables will need an invitation. Fortunately an old enemy of the party is having a bit of an identity crisis.
    Alexander Grappa crafted the mind of the conspiracy's colossus, then was slain when he had second thoughts. But the crafty mage managed to transfer his consciousness into Leone Quital, who is now responsible for ferrying conspirators to the meeting's secret location. If the constables can help Grappa get control of his new body, he can get them into the conclave. This adventure is provides the maps, narration, sidequests, and encounters that a GM needs to get right up to that point!
    For patrons not playing through the adventure path, this PDF includes 5 unique NPCs (including a headless fellow) and 3 railroad-themed maps (a train station, platform, and some rail cars).

  • #273. Enchanted Trinkets: Thanks for the Memories. Memory can be a funny, ephemeral thing and today's article has almost a dozen charming little Enchanted Trinkets all revolving around mnemonic themes. When making use of these innocuous magic items not only will your adventurers gain a small bonus or extra ability, they'll briefly experience the memories of others as well. Whether we're talking about the ever-shifting map, flute of the forgotten feast, ivory knights, or plague doctor's mask this is an issue of EN5ider that you won't soon forget! Written by Charlie Brooks and illustrated by Rachel Maduro.

  • #272. Planar Diseases. By the time adventurers are hopping between dimensions they are largely beyond fearing virulence, equipped with healing magics that make diseases an easily ignored threat. No longer! This article explores afflictions that can strike wayward planar travelers, sicknesses that extend beyond the confines of the realms material. Adverse ascension affects those who have overly exposed themselves to divine energies, fractured rift disorder can result from the use of dimensional portals, fey longing influences the minds of mortals too fond of the Feywild, and both the pastrasites of Limbo and spectral thought-worms of the Astral Plane can eat away the very memories of a creature to change history itself! Brilliantly written by Eran Aviram; wonderfully illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
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