5E EN5ider #314 - Mini-Adventure: Cold Love

Winter has taken hold and EN5ider hasn't escaped the season's chill—a Spirit of Winter is haunting us with a very cool new supplemental mini-adventure!

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 314. Mini-Adventure: Cold Love. The seasons should have passed but spring still hasn't arrived—almost as if winter's chill is stalking the adventurers. Soon they realize the truth of the situation and discover that one of the party members has inadvertently won over the love of a powerful cold elemental, Gelissa the Spirit of Winter, and though her affection for them might be red hot it's too cool to be sustained. While notes are included to play through the module all at once, this supplemental adventure is designed to be added to an existing campaign as an engaging sidequest for 4-5 PCs of 5th-9th level. Wonderfully designed by Andrew Angelbrite, illustrated by Claudio Pozas, and featuring the cartography of Dyson Logos.
  • 313. Intriguing Organizations: Which Watch? In every city adventurers tread one thing remains constant: there's probably a city watch or local police force. Usually these guards only come into play when the plot requires it or a group of PCs start brazenly breaking the law, but minor as they often are that doesn't mean that all city watches will be the same. That's where this article shines—use these templates and guides to rapidly change these often overlooked NPCs into an engaging (and intriguing) force for good, evil, law, or profit, adding a realistic and tangible aspect to the game that makes the local police an interesting element in any given settlement. Brilliantly penned by Eran Aviram; illustrated by Indi Martin.
  • 312. ZEITGEIST #9 - The Last Starry Sky: Part 2. The name of the game in the second half of this module is regicide! These 36 pages bring a narrative close to ZEITGEIST's 9th adventure with 7 maps and 27 (!) different NPCs involved in plots to assassinate King Aodhan. Catherine Romana (CR 9), Senior Ghost Councilor (CR 10), Ghost Council Detachment (CR 12), Skeletal Dragon Tyrant (CR 18), Professor Bugge (CR 13), Dread Wight (CR 9), Flayed Dire Jaguar (CR 10), Bleak Gate Killer (CR 13), Obscurati Squad (CR 7), Bleak Lantern Golem (CR 10), Wraith Assassination Horde (CR 11), Danoran Company (CR 11), Steam Walker (CR 13), Danoran Lookout (CR 3), Lya Jierre [ghost version] (CR 16), Draconic Witchoil Golem (CR 16), Risuri Elite Squad (CR 7), Staircase Mimic (CR 13), Doppelganger Agent (CR 13), and finally Roland Stanfield (CR 17) and his CR 13 incarnations (Swordsman, Conspirator, Sorcerer, Loremaster, Holy Warrior, Politician, and Technologist). If you are GMing any high-level games you should definitely snag this issue!
  • #311. Magic Items: Hunter Totems. Congratulations! With daring, skill, and a touch of luck you've achieved new heights of herodom by slaying a powerful monster! As the party starts canvassing its lair for treasure however, you instead draw your carving knife and get to work taking a trophy for yourself from the creature's cadaver. Unfortunately you don't really get much for your dragon's tooth, the scales of a chitinous aberration, or a fiend's horn—until now! Using the rules in this article you can not only look more impressive for all the challenging foes you've vanquished, you can gain mechanical benefits from these trophies-turned-magic items, empowering you to take on even bigger monsters! Designed by Andrew Engelbrite; illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • #310. New Race: Sentient Illusions. A few weeks ago we introduced the sapient magical life forms wrought by the Order of Sentience as creatures⁠—today’s article gives sentient illusions rules for use as a player race! Start adventuring as magic incarnate by choosing your core (diamond, emerald, onyx, ruby, sapphire, or topaz) and later on perhaps dabble even further with the Back to Basics or Illusory Roots feats! Designed by Azra Kaknes; illustrated by Xanditz.
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