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5E EN5ider #325 - Frozen Archetypes

Spring is finally here but there's just a little bit of chill left and today EN5ider embraces it, exploring new class options for barbarians, monks, and warlocks adventuring in frozen frontiers, icy mountains, and lands blanketed in snow!

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 325. Frozen Archetypes. Spring is here and for most of us winter has passed, but before the season is truly behind us we've got four chilly class archetypes to include in your game! First off there are two barbarian primal paths: Frostbitten warriors that wield cold like a weapon and those who choose to be Titanic, gradually increasing in size whenever they rage. Next up are Frozen Blood monks, a perfect option for those hermit characters dwelling alone in the mountains. Finally there's the Cold Soul warlock patron who grants powerful control over ice that allows followers to substitute cold damage in their spells, propel themselves using it, and ultimately the ability to condense the moisture in the air into a massive frozen boulder to drop onto foes! Designed by Mike Myler, illustrated by Savage Mojo.
  • 324. Mini-Adventure: Aberrant Echoes. The earth is littered with forgotten ruins of civilizations long gone. Many hide treasures, but one of them contains something else—something of a different world, or perhaps another reality. Long ago the Aberrant (a highly intelligent race from the mad realm) built a laboratory filled with twisted experiments. This was not only a place of twisted pursuits, but a complex imbued with a conscious Psionic Brain. The lab has laid dormant for centuries until only recently when a trespasser activated the inquisitive monster, awakened with an undeniable need to fulfill its last task once more—by every means necessary. This mini-adventure for 4 PCs of 5th–8th level was designed by Jos Van Egmond and illustrated by Savage Mojo, including cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • 323. Enchanted Trinkets: Zlick Willy's Wily Wares. With so much gloom about and April Fools day coming up, we're encouraging GMs everywhere to liven up their games with Zlick Willy’s Wily Wares! Get some laughs out of the table and kick a session into light-hearted mode with Zlick’s message cushion (imagine everybody’s faces when the wizard sits down and their chair seems to say, “Get off me you tub of lard!”) or grab the door-free dunk bucket to dump water on a dour companion—no doorway required! Peruse this catalog for 8 more magical japes, pranks, and laugh riots, and remember: it’s always a whopper with Zlick Willy’s wily wares! Amusingly designed by Andrew Engelbrite with illustration by Ellis Goodson.
  • 322. ZEITGEIST #10 - Godmind: Part 1. In ‘Act One: Against the Titans’ the PCs are in a Risur with no sun and the nature of magic itself has been fundamentally altered, forcing them to adapt as the fey titans wreak havoc. Before they can address these supreme entities however there’s bedlam in the city of Boles with the will of the people uniting, morphing into a bloodthirsty hivemind of tentacles! Afterward they must deal with the Ash Wolf and the Flaming Ziggurat of Av, the drunken stampede of the Father of Thunder, Granny Allswell and her gremlins, and finally to leave the country the adventurers have to subdue She Who Writhes. Though allies offer to help in their quest there is treachery afoot—and even when the kraken has been dealt with, the shadow of the Voice of Rot falls upon the party once more. This 40 page installment of the ZEITGEIST adventure path includes the Labor Hivemind (CR 17), Salamander Sultan Kuyler (CR 16), Bound Efreet Liesi (CR 8), Salamander Vizier (CR 10), Salamander Dervish (CR 10), Gremlins (Glower, Guffaw, Pout, and Tremble; CR 8), and the Fey Titan She Who Writhes (CR 28).
  • 321. Intriguing Organizations: The Gutter Guild. To protect cities from disease this reclusive organization populates the sewers beneath with oozes and other detritus feeders that clean waste and purify water sources. Although they provide a valuable service the seeding of sewers with gelatinous cubes is easily misconstrued by a fearful public so their work is done in secret, cultivating the dangerous creatures in hidden laboratories and releasing the monsters wherever cleaning is needed—a system that sometimes requires extra support from capable adventurers in order to function correctly. This article includes dehydrated jelly, dust of ooze paralysis, ooze handler's gloves, the Ooze Handler (CR 2), and three ooze variants: blazing black pudding (CR +0), euphoria cube (CR +0), and flash jelly (CR +1). Cleverly designed by Will Gawned with color illustration by Indi Martin!

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