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5E EN5ider #329 - Spells: Masterpiece Renditions

EN5ider is getting downright classy for today's article with a suite of superb symphonic spells penned by one of our best designers. If you or any of your fellow gamers are playing a bard, this entry is a must-have.

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 329. Spells: Masterpiece Renditions. There is magic in music and few melodies contain as much nuanced power as this suite of sublime spells! Play the rousing and rising accelerando to empower a band of warriors, unleash the battlecry ballad to rally your forces, employ the expertise of circular breathing to perform beneath the waves, cast crowd pleaser to get a party started, employ dramatic sting to pluck at a foe's heartstrings, never allow an audience to forget you with earworm, become more helpful with an accompaniment from harmonic resonance, blow away listeners with the power of resonating solo, create a background player with strike up the band, or spread true sorrow with the use of fearful sonnet! These masterpieces of magic were penned by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Mark Bulahao.
  • 328. ZEITGEIST #10 - Godmind: Part 2. At the start of this 28 page second installment of the 10th ZEITGEIST module an illusion from the fiend Ashima-Shimtu rises up from wherever blood touched the water during the battle against She Who Writhes, bringing important information to the party and a dire request to travel back to the island at the axis of the world—where their old secretive acquaintance Benedict Pemberburton (from ZEITGEIST #6) has taken control. Once there the adventurers battle a massive hivemind before revisiting the mines to rendezvous with Nicodemus once more, concocting a plan with their allies to undo the ritual that has upset nature itself. To do so however the PCs need to infiltrate the Forward Symposium and confront the Godmind, a hivemind of considerable power that's bent on consuming the world—and might even be able to do it! This entry in the adventure path includes the Obscurati Golem (CR 17), Axis Hivemind (CR 17), Pardo (CR 12), Mindscape Ectoplasmid (CR 17), and Black Blossom (CR 10). If you are digging ZEITGEIST join the mailing list to find out more about the impending campaign book and be notified when the project goes live!
  • 327. Mini-Adventure: Ghosts in the Graveyard. In life Gabriel Valcori was a successful businessman, famed throughout the city for his wealth and generosity. Unbeknownst to his admirers however the merchant began his career by robbing graves, a vice he continued even after securing his vast fortune. Valcori’s crimes remained undiscovered while he lived, but upon his death the merchant was buried in the very graveyard he once robbed—an outrage that has driven Valcori’s victims to return as restless spirits! This short sidequest for 4–5 5th level PCs was written by William Fischer, features color artwork by Phil Stone and Ellis Goodson, along with the cartography of Dyson Logos.
  • 326. Monstrous Menagerie - Three Arcane Avians. Doom comes from above with this trio of monstrous magical birds! The three-eyed pale striganes (CR 5) is a psionically empowered owl that paralyzes prey with psychic blasts then scatters any companions with a burst of mental fear before sinking its claws into its victims flesh, devouring the thing's mind and draining any mental prowess to feed its young. Conversely there's the cacophony cockatoo (CR 1), a brightly colored, highly intelligent, and extremely mischievous tropical bird with a knack for disrupting spellcasters with its cries. Individually these creatures can neutralize spells, but larger flocks have been known to turn spells back on their casters, and they are clever enough to ally with tribes and creatures in their native lands in exchange for food and shiny trinkets. Finally there's the carrion crow (CR 3), a necromantically-gifted corvid with the ability to raise and control the dead, forming small hordes of zombies to defend their nests—yet they also learn to drag secrets from the decaying minds of their zombie guards, occasionally trading information with sinister folk for magical treasures. Wonderfully designed by Joe Crow (yes the irony was not lost on anyone) and illustrated by Xanditz.
  • 325. Frozen Archetypes. Spring is here and for most of us winter has passed, but before the season is truly behind us we've got four chilly class archetypes to include in your game! First off there are two barbarian primal paths: Frostbitten warriors that wield cold like a weapon and those who choose to be Titanic, gradually increasing in size whenever they rage. Next up are Frozen Blood monks, a perfect option for those hermit characters dwelling alone in the mountains. Finally there's the Cold Soul warlock patron who grants powerful control over ice that allows followers to substitute cold damage in their spells, propel themselves using it, and ultimately the ability to condense the moisture in the air into a massive frozen boulder to drop onto foes! Designed by Mike Myler, illustrated by Savage Mojo.

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