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5E EN5ider #351 - Enchanted Trinkets: Scraps of Knowledge

EN5ider's 351st article brings us a set of 10 unique academic items! As enchanted trinkets these are fun and low impact magic items that can be destroyed for a more potent effect, but unlike the others a few have a more insidious and subtle cost...

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 351. Enchanted Trinkets: Scraps of Knowledge. The Enchanted Trinkets series continues with a worthwhile entry best enjoyed by sages, scholars, and anyone else with a penchant for the written word. Never allow your most treasured tome to suffer injury by storing it with a borrower's bookmark, prepare the most beautiful songs with an enchanted music sheet, draw upon unholy power with an incomplete infernal contract, and enjoy the 7 other unique magic items within these pages. However it is best to be wary—many of these wondrous things incur a subtle and terrible cost! Studiously designed by Will Gawned, illustrated by Kim Van Deun.
  • 350. Mini-Adventure: The Devil's Maze. This one-shot that features innovative gameplay throughout a compelling fiend-stalked labyrinth and revolves around a classic fantasy tale. The powerful mage Nerzikon the Traveler constructed his sanctum (the Devil’s Maze) long ago and as his legend faded into history so too did knowledge of his personal nexus of planar byways. When next the adventurers need to travel to another world you’ll be prepared with an engaging dungeon to lead them there! Fiendishly designed by William Fischer, featuring the artwork of Guilherme Sommermeyer and Yihyoung Li, and the cartography of Dyson Logos.
  • 349. Monstrous Menagerie: Damned Sovereigns. Wildernesses and ruins the world over are the abandoned homes of fallen empires and lost kingdoms, civilizations that have faded into history. The powerful rulers of such places do not always plummet with their domains however, continuing on by way of enduring magics imbued by the wealth of a nation or terrible curses wrought as punishment for the massive suffering under their decree. This issue of Monstrous Menagerie examines three such figures: the ghostly shadow of Queen Katarina, the beastly-transformed elvish prince Ahvain, and the brutally childish golem Jin Su. Designed damnably well by Will Gawned, featuring the illustrations of Fer Gregory, Júlio Rocha, and Sade.
  • 348. Enchanted Trinkets: A Noblewoman's Essentials. Are you among the highest social standing? Do the cultural elites vie for invitations to your parties, or fervently wish that you might attend theirs? If you are then you almost certainly have our catalog already, but if not then we implore you to peruse these pages—Madam Ursula's only trades in the absolute finest goods, garments, and curiosities that will make you an essential member of noble society! Practice discretion while you whet your tongue on the sly and put a touch of enchantment into your step with the flask of confidence, save your prized attire from stains with the miraculous kerchief, or avail yourself of any one of the nine enchanted trinkets within to impress your friends and make it certain to all that you are a person of unique standing. Elegantly designed by Elizabeth Orchard, illustrated by Rachel Maduro.
  • 347. ZEITGEIST #11: Gorged on Ruins - Part 3. This installment of ZEITGEIST #11 has all the goodies in it: Gidim living steel, thoughtlocks, oculus prisms, and the statistics for a grand total of THIRTY-NINE creatures! 39! These monsters and NPCs range from the meek (the CR 3 Ursaliñan guard) to the incredibly mighty (the Esurientes Draco in Ruinam aka catastrophe dragon, at CR 25). Fleshwarped dire bears, army troops and soldiers of all sorts, a blizzard elemental of the end times, a skeletal phalanx swarm—if you ever suspect you might need some high level monsters, do not sleep on this issue of EN5ider!
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