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5E EN5ider #363 - Multiclass Feats: Masterclass Edition

EN5ider is roaring into the middle of November with a massive supplement of creatures for the end of the penultimate ZEITGEIST adventure and more than a dozen feats to maximize your multiclassing using the Masterclass Codex!

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šŸ”„Free Articles including a complete adventure, a sidequest adventure, and the smart-fighting savant character class!
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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 363. Multiclass Feats: Masterclass Edition. This second Multiclass Feats article expands beyond the confines of the first, introducing mechanics for combining the core 5E classes with EN5ider's very own character classes! Make the most out of your savant wizard with Arcane Mastermind, achieve superlative mastery on the battlefield for your lodestar monk with Broken-Soul Ascetic, become peerless at subterfuge with your morph rogue using Formless Shadow, take control of your fatebending warlock's fate with Ocular Champion, or select any of the other 10 excellent feats in this supplement to make the most out of multiclassing. Masterfully designed by Peter Martin, illustrated by Indi Martin (no relation).
  • 362. ZEITGEIST #12: The Grinding Gears of Heaven - Part 3. This huge trove of monsters and NPCs in the ZEITGEIST Adventure Path collects a total of 31 (!) different baddies for high level play as well as a few more vehicles. That's not all! It also includes the end of the twelfth module in the seriesā€”which, depending on the approach the GM takes, may be the finale! Inside you will find a more potent Voice of Rot (CR 24), Golden Legion pit fiend (CR 20), Golden Legion horned devil (CR 14), Golden Legion erinyes (CR 12), Golden Legion glabrezu (CR 12), Golden Legion elite star (CR 12), Golden Legion company (CR 12), golden steam golem (CR 17), enslaved supplicant of Elofasp (CR 14), enslaved Elofasp ravant (CR 19), Star Marshall Lacacia (CR 17), General Paelyrion XVIII (CR 21), Rock Rackus (CR 15), Cailiy Buen the Aerial Monk (CR 16), Caeloon ascetics (CR 10), priest of Hunlow (CR 13), unholy boarding crew (CR 12), fallen angel of Hunlow (CR 16), Captain Thrusty (CR 21), Admiral Taracle (CR 22), vaknid vortexweavers (CR 16), vaknid webmasters (CR 17), slumbering savants (CR 17), grand savants (CR 21), kraken guardian (CR 18), elemental chum swarm (CR 15), the Carnivorous Mandala Beast of Thrag (CR 21), Doverspike the Vampiric Dragon (CR 22), chimeric elemental titan (CR 20), the Maddening Cat Ystis (CR 21), and the avatar of Srasma (CR 25). Plus handouts for players in this most epic campaign finale! Expect the first installment of the very last adventure material for the ZEITGEIST Adventure Path to release next month.
  • 361. Mini-Adventure: Sword Village. People know of the quaint town of Cedar Hollow because of the massive sword sunk into the ground nearby, a weapon that towers hundreds of feet in the air. For two centuries now it has loomed over the settlement without incident but now something is awryā€”rumors abound of angry spirits, endangered livestock, and unnatural noises haunting it. Can the adventurers solve the recent mysteries surrounding the gigantic blade, or will whatever curse or treachery around it reach fruition? This classic mini-adventure for 4ā€“5 PCs of 5thā€“9th level was dutifully designed by Jim Mills, illustrated by Alba Palacio, and uses cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • 360. Enchanted Trinkets: Gamemaster's Toolbox. This entry in the Enchanted Trinkets series brings 15 new magic items to the game both of the common and uncommon varieties, all with a fun flavorful mechanic and a way to expend the magic within for a more potent effect. Try on some ghostly boots to tread quieter and then drain their enchantment to vanish from sight for a time, use a melodious quill to slightly improve your performances and snap it in half to really bring the house down, or become the party's pack animal by wearing some stout greaves that you can ruin to amplify your speed for a short period of time. Rest assured you will definitely get some use out of this set of enchanted gear! Dutifully designed by Mike Myler, illustrated by Sade.
  • 359. Puzzle: Dandolo's Cryptic Box. Dandoloā€™s Cryptic Box is a puzzle opened by setting the right combination on four rings with pictograms or pictographic language. GMs can place a small item inside (such as a magic ring or a key to a dungeon's final treasure chest), or even a key piece of information crucial to the campaign. Each of the four rings has an accompanying riddle or clue to pursueā€”including a snazzy handout for playersā€”to decode and find the correct pictograph. While all of these can occur at once, it's best to make finding them side quests of their own, creating an extended puzzle to gnaw at the imaginations of adventurers between sessions. It's not spooky but by golly this article is intriguing. Enigmatically designed by Phill Harmon, illustrated by Xanditz.
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