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D&D 5E EN5ider #383 - Masterclass Archetypes: Tradecraft

Spies make great adventurers and today on EN5ider we've got three new archetypes for our classes that make for excellent savant field agents, tinkerer drone operators, and noble masters of intrigue.

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 383. Masterclass Archetypes: Tradecraft. There's a suite of fantastic character classes here on EN5ider and today's issue brings greater depth to three of them with new class archetypes for sneaky savant field agents, subtle noble spymasters, and observant watcher tinkerers (drone included). Blend seamlessly into new communities, direct your allies with silent efficiency, and rain down death from above via your clockwork companions! Masterfully designed by Peter Martin, illustrated by Júlio Cesar Oliveira Rocha.
  • 382. Intriguing Organizations: Arcane Investigation Unit. This article has everything needed to include the Arcane Investigation Unit in a campaign, bringing a taste of one of American television's longest running series into the realm of medieval fantasy! Whether the party are recruited into the AIU or simply work close with one of their investigators—like Sergeant Aelith Silverstreet, a CR 6 officer—this is an issue of EN5ider we definitely needed. Dutifully designed by Anthony Pryor, illustrated by Rachel Maduro, with interior art by Indi Martin.
  • 381. Dangerous Scenarios: Mutant Metal Eater. The more experienced a group of adventurers gets the less concerned they are with the threat posed by monsters they've already bested once. The mutant metal eater is no such monster—the creature the PCs are expecting to find is far deadlier! Includes a mutant rust monster (CR 8) and supermutant rust monster (CR 12). This Dangerous Scenario for parties of 5th–6th level or 8th–9th level was deviously designed by Chris Davies, illustrated by Indi Martin, with interior art by Guilherme Sommermeyer and cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • 380. Enchanted Trinkets: Magic in the Stacks. Dive deep enough into your local arcane library and you're bound to find more than dusty books and old scrolls—mages enchant all kinds of things to assist their studies. Peruse the volumes of any atheneum more efficiently with the help of an archivist's candle, protect your favorite tome with a bookwyrm, never let your pen run dry by using an endless inkwell, and avail yourself of the 8 other magic items listed in this studious issue in the Enchanted Trinkets series to make the most of your time performing arcane research (and sometimes adventuring too). Delicately designed by William Fischer, illustrated by Dana Braga.
  • 379. Villain Spotlight: The Tooth Man. Teeth. We all have them (or did, at one point) and they require care and upkeep to remain healthy, generally provided by a responsible and well-educated dentist. That's what Gil Hendak does—he's a man who spends his time helping people—but there's more to his travels across the countryside, visiting villages to relieve the aches and pains of people throughout the region. Gil keeps every tooth he removes, and with each extraction the fey lord to which he's become indebted approaches ever closer to their grisly goal! Dementedly designed by Joseph Colman, illustrated by Phil Stone.

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