D&D 5E EN5ider #390 - Enchanted Trinkets: The Temple's Wares

Today on EN5ider we've got a collection of 15 enchanted trinkets ideal for selling in churches, shrines, and temples!

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  • 390. Enchanted Trinkets: The Temple's Wares. There's a good chance your gaming world has at least a few churches, shrines, or temples, and when the adventurers visit these holy places after completing a quest of paramount importance or fulfilling a divine prophecy—or if they've got a bit of coin in their pockets—some less sacred relics might be waiting for them. Maybe the party's bard is keen to a book of forgotten songs, the thief eager to get their mitts on a hidden glove or luck ruled dice, or a fearful fighter in need of the courage offered by valorous ashes. Whatever the case, turn to this cache of 15 religious-themed enchanted trinkets and give the PCs a bit of glory. Devoutly designed by Marc Kenobi, illustrated by Phil Stone.
  • 389. Spells: Arishat's Booklet of Mixed Elemental Spells. Why do mages and workers of holy spells restrict themselves to grasping upon the powers of just a single element when performing their magic? Why not two? The archmage Arishat took it as her mission to create hybrid elemental magic, spreading the knowledge of the spells she's created to the world at large. Shock and chill an enemy with a galvanice bomb, summon small geothunder turrets to assail your foes, suck opponents into a pyroclastic vacuum, and impress everyone with your primordial mastery with the rest of the 10 spells in this article. Direly designed by Andrea Ferrini, illustrated by Xanditz.
  • 388. To Stake A Vampire: Part 2. Continuing from the end of Act 1, the adventurers go about Holdenshire seeking the tombs and relics of the Order of Light in this crunchy 35 pages of dungeon delving! Adding to the potent amulet of the spectral grove, the PCs find the swift silver quickbow, hard hitting Noltsledge, deft kylian knives, and the miraculous leilan artifice—after overcoming the traps laid to protect these sacred items and the monsters that prowl nearby! In addition to these and the token of revival, inside of this supplement GMs will find 4 dungeon maps, 8 new traps (flame strike, frost fangs, wyvern bolt, hail of arrows, shocking floor, chamber of blades, corrosive gas, conjured conduit), the coagulopathy disease, a variety of light-based hazards, and plenty of new monsters: feyblind goblin (CR 6), vampire spawn ogres (CR 6), crypt thing (CR 5), feral giant (CR 10), mohrg (CR 11), crazed troll (CR 7), grave guardian (CR 2), ashen mage (CR 5), ashen warrior (CR 4), and the specter of Tamas Agrens (CR 7).
  • 387. Intriguing Organizations: Vagabond's Kitchen. As adventurers go about slaying dragons or even upending the machinations of deific beings, so too is the bar of excellence raised for epicureans and gourmands—and that's where the Vagabond's Kitchen shines. Its halfling head chef (the famous Argo Moray) travels the world seeking new and exciting ingredients, preparing new meals every day that defy expectations both in their succulence and rarity. Empresses, kings, and even gods seek out this traveling caravan for the unique offerings prepared by its leader and staff, many of which are as peculiar as the food they serve. Deliciously designed by William Fischer, illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • 386. Dangerous Scenario: Tricksy Riddles Three. On an ancient bridge that stands far above a raging river, a troll named Bumbus and a cyclops named Hooble stand collecting tolls from travelers unfortunate enough to run into them. Instead of demanding currency the duo ask a series of complicated riddles and smash to bits anyone who answers wrongly or refuses to play their game. Only a select few have been allowed to pass unharmed—when it's the adventurers turn, should they fail as well the combat becomes far more dire as the deadly brawl causes the bridge beneath them to crumble and fall apart! Dangerously designed by J. D. Mills, illustrated by Indi Martin, and feature cartography by Dyson Logos.

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