D&D 5E EN5ider #445 - Dangerous Scenarios: Slaughterhouse Deathtrap

Today's issue of EN5ider is a staple for the comprehensive GM's toolbox—a slaughterhouse filled to the brim with lethal traps and deadly surprises!

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 445. Dangerous Scenarios: Slaughterhouse Deathtrap. Maybe a comrade was kidnapped, something of particular value has been purloined, or the party's quarry has fled inside—whatever the reason, the adventurers are headed into a lethal abattoir that will test them to their limits! From trap doors to ichor-soaked floors and exploding corpses galore, Artyom "Fleshtaker" Lench (CR 5) has prepared this place specifically to suit his deadly talents and it does not disappoint. Dangerously designed by Peter Martin, illustrated by Xanditz, and featuring cartography by Dyson Logos.
  • 444. After Death. Whether from bad rolls, bad decisions, or a combination thereof every member of the party is dead—but that doesn't mean the campaign is over or that it's time to roll new adventurers! Returned to the beautifully mapped mansion of Scarmanse as ghosts, the PCs are given just 72 hours to uncover the story of the powerful undead that slayed them and turn fate to their favor. Should they succeed and the party might live again, though should they fail the adventurers instead face oblivion! An adventure for 4–6 PCs of 9th level designed by Johnathan Garret, illustrated by Xanditz, and featuring cartography by Michael Tumey.
  • 443. Villain Spotlight: Karthus the Fallen God. He is called the Fallen God by some but it might be more apt to think of Karthus as a trickster deity as he aims to see his deific power returned through merciless deception, peerless guile, and exquisite planning. The wisdom with which this once great entity ruled pantheons is now turned upon mortals, adventurers that Karthus uses as pawns in a deadly game to reclaim his place in the cosmos! Divinely designed by Anthony Pryor, illustrated by Rafael Benjamin.
  • 442. Enchanted Trinkets: Noara's Menagerie. Continuing the game's tradition of animal sculptures imbued with magic, these 15 enchanted trinkets made for the druid queen Noara call forth the gifts of beasts to spectacular effect! An adventurer can wield the power of nature with just the heartwood viper, pyrite fox, zircon shark, or their dozen kin, but like the Plumed Panoply these tributes offer much more when gathered together by a single owner. Devotedly designed by William Fischer, illustrated by Jori Hollander.
  • 441. Spells: Zyxwigg's Abecedary. The marvelous mage Zyxwigg had something of an obtuse obsession with those spectacular spells that are named with as much nuance as their arcane applications employ. Specifically, he loved magic that had a good alliterative ring to it. This perplexing pursuit led to the creation of spells like the off-balancing entropic embrace, the debilitating necrotic needle, the arcana-empowering perilous prediction, the incredible vanishing veil, and 7 other works of miraculous magic detailed in this article! Deviously designed by William Fischer, illustrated by Deanna Roberds.

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Mike Myler

Mike Myler

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