D&D 5E EN5ider #455 - Spells of the Holy Mission

Today's issue of EN5ider has a dozen new divine spells perfect for clerics. Especially clerics with a mission!

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Lately on EN5ider:
  • 455. Spells of the Holy Mission. It is often the nature of a divine spellcaster (clerics especially) to seek truths of one kind or another, to be the divine and moral compass for others that lack their wisdom. It is for these spellcasters that magic such as conscience exists (to force an evil foe to see the wickedness in their ways, at least for a while), though even an arcane investigator has use for final moment or speak easy, and every adventurer is sure to find something to like in this collection of a dozen new spells! Divinely designed by Elizabeth Orchard, illustrated by Xanditz.
  • 454. Adventure: Burning Bitterpeak. A panicked child bursts down onto the path with a pair of modestly dressed adults chasing after saying, “there you are Audrey, we was looking for ya’, come on home with your Ma’ and Pa’ now.” Their words sound hollow, coming out of their mouths stilted and as though arranged by someone unfamiliar with language. The little girl backs away while uttering, "it ain't them—they’re just wearing skins,” and as she speaks the words the things disguised as her parent reveal what they truly are! Burning Bitterpeak is a complete horror-themed adventure for 3–6 PCs of 5th–6th level that takes them up into the mountain mining town of Bitterpeak as it suffers the effects of curses half-earned and half-inflicted. They’ll have to figure out what’s befallen the folk here while fighting back what they’ve unleashed and what they’ve become. Bitterpeak is burning—can the party extinguish the fire at the heart of the mountain, or will they just be another burnt offering? Diabolically designed and mapped by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Ellis Goodson.
  • 453. Enchanted Trinkets: Eldritch Items. We are thrilled to present to you 20 of the most flavorful, unique enchanted trinkets we've seen since the series started years ago! These run the gamut from the humble chicken icon to the not at all unsettling rapier of many eyes or very trendy tentacle tattoo, though no matter the type of game you're running you will absolutely find at least a few of these magic items (if not more!) are well-suited to play a part. Discerningly designed by Sarah Breyfogle, illustrated by Phil Stone.
  • 452. Dangerous Scenarios: Abode of Unending Comfort. It's common for mages to instill a bit of magic into their homes—it's far easier to study and make the most of one's arcane talents when daily chores are taken care of by an enchanted broom or some empowered cutlery—but what happens when they shuffle off the mortal coil? What if they've really enchanted that wizard tower? Mische was one such enchanter, filling her home with a host of animated objects and artificial pets that haven't stopped at their tasks since she passed away. Now whoever happens upon her cozy mansion is at the mercy of her untended magic, kept as hosts against their will! This dangerous scenario for 3–5 PCs of 3rd level was dutifully designed by Charlie Brooks, illustrated by Xanditz, and featuring the cartography of Dyson Logos.
  • 451. Villain Spotlight: Lavinia the Wight Shepherd. Necromancy is rarely shown in anything but the coldest light, the undead created by such magic almost universally shunned. Lavinia refuses to engage in such cruelty. Have these creatures—already subjected to life's gravest injury—not suffered enough? This noble discovered her natural talents as a medium at a young age but has rejected the usual arcane or divine methods of employing her gifts, wholeheartedly embracing them and the undead they can create instead. So it is that Lavinia travels the realm with her spirits in tow (including her wight bodyguard Duq), seeking to be a psychopomp for the suffering and to bring about a change in how people treat those who have already passed (something she will violently enact if need be). Dangerously designed by Elizabeth Orchard, illustrated by Deanna Roberds.

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