[EN5ider#56] The Holdenshire Chronicles (Part 1): Holdenshire Primer

It's a big day for EN5ider fans! Today marks the start of a new series called 'The Holdenshire Chronicles'. A 5E adaption of Russ Morrissey's TO SLAY A DRAGON, the PCs will start their adventuring careers in the sandbox village of Hengistbury, in the county of Holdenshire, before embarking on a quest to travel across the land and slay a dragon. But first, before the adventuring can begin, we launch with this 23-page Holdenshire Primer which introduces you to the county, its peoples, and locations of note. By Russ Morrissey, Jacob Driscoll, Christopher J. Herbert, and Brian Casey. Illustrated by Claudio Pozas. Cartography by Sean MacDonald.

To get this first instalment of The Holdenshire Chronicles, simply become a patron of EN World EN5ider! You can choose how much you wish to donate, and you get immediate access to this and to the 55 back-issues of articles and adventures covering all manner rules and resources for your game. It's a ridiculously good deal!

The Holdenshire Chronicles will feature in EN World EN5ider, and will consist of this Primer, plus three adventures. The first is a sandbox adventure around Holdenshire County; the second is a wilderness trek to reach the dragon's lair; and the third is an infiltration into the volcanic Skull Mountain to slay the dragon.





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Well, that was fun
Staff member
What's the level spread going to be like? Mirror of the Pathfinder version?

Actually, I'm not sure - it's being converted from Pathfinder to 5E by our talented editor James Haeck.

Awesome! Will the "To Stake a Vampire" adventure and the NPC portrait cards be included as well?

I called it "The Holdenshire Chronicles" rather than "To Slay A Dragon" just in case. Right now, it depends on whether people want to continue with the story after the three adventures of TSAD. I'll wait until then before I decide.


Blistering Barnacles!
Read FAQ's on insider, guess obvious question I assume US $ is the standard on Patreon? Right now $1 US that is about $92 Canadian . . .


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