Encounter Idea: Moonlit Glade


"Moonlit Glade" is an engaging encounter designed for 2-4 level 3 players in the Cresthaven RPG. Set in an ever-shrinking mystical glade, players are tasked with solving a complex riddle to appease forest spirits and escape an ominous fate...
As twilight falls, you enter a serene glade bathed in moonlight. Suddenly, the trees begin to close in, their branches creaking ominously. A gentle voice, like leaves rustling, whispers a plea for help. Glowing orbs flicker in the shadows, their intentions unclear. You realize you’re trapped, the glade shrinking with each passing moment.
From between the trees, a woman appears briefly, her song echoing softly in the air:
‘In the glade under the moon’s soft gaze,
Four stones lie hidden, ensnared in nature’s maze.
Earth below, where roots entwine,
Air above, dancing with the divine.
Water flows where life is found,
Fire’s fury in the sun is bound.
Align the elements where they may rest,
Solve this enigma, pass nature’s test.’

r/DnD - Encounter Idea: Moonlit Glade

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