D&D 5E The Planetouched Lineages (Tieflings/Aasimar/Genasi/Axani/Cansin/Liminaire)

I looked things on the subject of prehensile tails in past editions. The "third hand" to attack idea only came from Savage Species, and it had exotic weapons made for tails. It brought up lizardfolk as an example. The exotic weapons did 1d8 which is too much in my opinion. In 2e the character Kylie was an example who used a weapon with a tail, but it was only a blade that did 1d6 damage.

I realized that I can easily prevent the Savage Species cheese of a "third hand" attack in 5e with the fact that there's only one bonus action allowed, so no main attacks, then off-hand and tail. Since one could only do off-hand or tail. If an attack was allowed from a tail as a bonus action, it could be more beneficial to the other fighting styles. Anyways unlike the Loxodon trunk I'm presenting as something that replaces Fire Resistance.

Prehensile Tail: You can grasp things with your tail. It has a reach of 5 feet, and it can lift a number of pounds equal to your Strength score. You can use it to do the following simple tasks: lift, drop, hold, push, or pull an object or a creature; open or close a door or a container. Your DM might allow other simple tasks to be added to that list of options.

Your tail has some fine control, and can wield weapons with the light property using it to attack with a bonus action, you're proficient enough in using your tail that you can apply your ability modifier to damage with that weapon. The tail can be used to assist in some checks like Athletic climbing possibly granting advantage at the DM's discretion, but if only used by itself for some checks (like using tools) it may instead be at a disadvantage. This trait replaces Fiendish Resistance.

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Rewriting the other abilities
Fiendish Hide - You have a tough hide, one that might be scaly or covered in spikes or small ridges. Your AC is 13 + your dexterity modifier, which you may use instead of the AC of the armor you're wearing should it be lower. You still gain the benefit of a shield with this trait. This replaces Fiendish Resistance.

Natural Weapons - You have one of the following natural attacks which you can use in place of an unarmed attack. This ability replaces Fiendish Legacy.
Claws: 1d4 slashing damage using either your strength or dexterity bonus for attack and damage. If you damage your target with your claws, it is poisoned until the next round.
Stinger: You have a tail or other such appendage with a stinger, that does 1d4 piercing damage using either your strength or dexterity bonus for attack. If you damage your target with your stringer, it is poisoned until the next round.
Horns: 1d6 piercing using your strength bonus for attack and damage. If you hit your target you can move it 5 feet away from you.

Look back at the feats, I realize for Planar legacy, if just anyone can take it you could get something that's like those Initiate feats but better, so it does need a barrier of entry, the requirement should be a Planetouched lineage. In comparing it to that feat, I feel the ability score increase is too much. Two spells for Improved Fiendish Legacy is probably too much. I think the ability increase can stay for now, as they're already invested in a bunch of spells.

I think I'll need to classify abilities for Planetouched as Legacy or Resistance.

So updated they are:

Planar legacy: (generic feat from above included her again for reference)
Requirements: Any planetouched lineage
-You may add a legacy or resistance trait you don't have, from any Planetouched lineage (this may include something like Wings which a DM might restrict from starting characters).

Improved Fiendish Legacy:
Requirements: Fiendish legacy
-You may increase your charisma, constitution or intelligence score by 1 point.
-At 7th level you gain a 3rd level spell from the Warlock or Wizard spell list which you can cast once before requiring a long rest.

Improved Fiendish Resistance:
Requirements: Fiendish resistance
-You have immunity to the damage type you had resistance from with Fiendish Legacy.

The beginning of the Aasimar writeup, where I get to the fluffy stuff first:

Aasimar are often thought to be the opposites of Tieflings, their lineage may be traced back to various celestial beings such as Angels, Archons, Guardinals, Celestial Eladrin, Asuras, Lillendi, Quasars, Shedu, Hollyphants, rumors of the mysterious Rilmani and other beings. Some Aasimar origins can be traced to the mere influence of planar energies from the Upper Planes. Many Aasimar prefer to keep their natures hidden due to attention due to the expectations of from others whether good or bad. Other Aasimar enjoy the benefits of such attention basking in the adoration and worship that many have of them.

Aasimar are expected to the take up the sword to root out evil, defend the innocent and inspire those to justice, but the truth is that many Aasimar are quite far from such expectations. The influence of the celestial background does often drive an Aasimar towards righteousness, but often their free will and mortal flaws drive them away from such paths. In many cases the celestial influence may fundamentally feel revulsion for mortals seeing all their flaws, driving an Aasimar down a very dark path. When Aasimar use their powers their celestial nature comes to the forefront manifesting something that might be a serene and benevolent light, or might be blinding flames of fear and wrath.

Most Aasimar will find a place in society should they choose to. Those born to a mortal parent are rarely abandoned, and tend to be cherished as they seen as being a blessing to all those around them. Thus Aasimar rarely feel the need to gather into clans, many Aasimar barely acknowledge the existence of other Aasimar. In planar societies were Aasimar are a more common sight, where familiarity with Aasimar leads to a more cynical outlook on them, most see Aasimar as being trustworthy yet arrogant, elitist, preachy or standoffish. There are the few on many worlds who believe that Aasimar are secret tyrants of a vast conspiracy controlling the mortals to use them as livestock.

In some worlds there are dynasties of Aasimar enjoying the privileges of ruling over others, expected to lead, inspire and champion the causes of the just. And as much as there are many places tyranny and malevolence rule that might despise Aasimar, many Aasimar can easily find themselves climbing to the top of societies. Across many worlds their are said to be Aasimar who are actually Celestials that have incarnated themselves into mortal forms, it said that they live constant lives in a cycle of reincarnation seeking to understand mortals.

Aasimar have similar diets to those of their mortal ancestry, they must eat just as others do, as they can't survive off of light and joy despite whatever they may claim. Many Aasimar prefer a vegetarian diet, though they can eat meat like anyone else can.

I thought the random tables for Aasimar were in the Planewalkers Handbook, but that was really where they got their first full PC writeup other than that Monstrous Compendium entry. Instead I found that their tables were in Warriors of Heaven the book where they tried to have rules for Celestial PCs, which was and wasn't a Planescape book.

So in rough form copied from that book, before eventually formatting them, apply balancing with the Legacy system and Volo's Guide to Monsters subclasses and the like. Much like I did with Tiefling writeup
Alter Self
Comprehend Languages
Detect Evil
Detect Lie
Detect Magic
Feather Fall
Know Alignment
Mirror Image
Protection of evil '10 radius
Protection from normal missile
Read Magic
Water Breathing
Half from Fire
Half from Cold
Half from Electricity
Half from Acid
+2 vs poison
+2 vs fire
+2 vs cold
+2 vs electricity
+2 vs petrification/polymorph/paralysis
+2 vs rod/staff/wand
+2 vs spell
celestial aura (enemies attack at -2)
immune to nonmagical weapons
immune to energy drain attacks

Silvery skin
Green-tinted skin
Blue-tinted skin
Golden skin
Pointed ears
Doglike ears
Angular face with high cheekbones
Perfect white teeth
Long, distinguished nose
Hooked nose
Crystal-blue eyes
Bright green eyes
Gleaming silver eyes
Golden eyes
Six fingers per hand (including thumb)
Fingers one inch longer than normal
Animal horns on head
Silver or gold fingernails
Long, slender arms
Long, slender legs
Feathered wing (MV fly 18 [D])
Vestigial Wingbones on shoulders
Opalescent skin
Naturally tanned skin
Body covered with speckled markings
Bald, hairless
Small feathers rather than hair on 1d10x10 of body
Special side effects

Side Effects
Sweet, fresh odor surrounds body
Surrounded by aura of calm (good-aligned creatures within 30 feet receive +2 bonus)
Wounds inflicted upon aasimar heal twice as quickly
Susceptible to fire (+1 damage per die)
Susceptible to cold(+1 damage per die)
Presence eases animals (reaction at +4)
Touch inflicts 1d4 damage to evil creatures
Odd skin composition give base AC of 1d6+3
Unholy water inflicts 1d6 points of damage
Speaks telepathically to any intelligent creature within 1 mile
Can leap op to 15 feet vertically or 30 feet horizontally
Natural (ground) movement rate of 15
Can't be held or ensared (as per Free action)
Speaks any languages (as per tongues)
Eyes have the power of True Seeing

Other than being 2e rules obviously a bunch of these are unbalanced, but they do give me some ideas.

First draft at some abilities for the Aasimar, 1 of them is based off of the DMG, 3 are based off of the subraces from Volo's Guide to Monsters, 1 is based off of the 4e Deva.

Aasimar Characters
Ability scores & classes: Aasimar often are called upon to be champions, so many display a natural aptitude in athleticism or leadership. So most Aasimar put their ability bonuses in Charisma, Wisdom or Strength.

As a result many Aasimar adopt the path of the Paladin, where they can bring their might and divine light into a cause. Since their celestial nature leads them to be more in touch with the divine, Aasimar also commonly become Clerics. For other Aasimar they draw upon the spark of inspiration to become Bards. As many celestial beings such as Guardinals and Celestial Eladrin are idealized spirits of nature, Aasimar often become Druids too.

Most Aasimar age at the same rate as Humans or their mortal ancestry does. Some Aasimar might be long-lived or ageless.

Most Aasimar are medium size. Some Aasimar are small size.

Aasimar have a walking speed of 30 feet

Aasimar are Humanoid

Aasimar understand Common and one other language, often one of their mortal ancestries or Celestial.

Aasimar have Darkvision of 60 feet

Celestial Legacy (Legacy trait)
Much like Tieflings there are varieties of the powers an Aasimar can be imbued with. The nature of the celestial can shape the temperament of an Aasimar, revealing a little of the soul when such powers are used. Aasimar often radiate light and heat or faint music might be heard when using what Aasimar often call Revealing the Soul or Calling the Spirit. For some Aasimar it's a struggle between their mortal selves and their celestial selves when using such powers. An Aasimar picks from one of these Legacy options below, Charisma or Wisdom is the ability score for spells and saving throws DCs with these powers.

Optional Rule: Custom Legacies - For custom legacies (with the DM's approval) they generally follow this format, one Cantrip at the start, at 3rd level they know one 1st level spell that's enhanced to a 2nd level spell slot if possible and can be cast once before requiring a long rest, and at 5th level they gain knowledge of a 2nd level spell that can be cast once before requiring a long rest to cast again. The spells should be from either the Cleric or Paladin spell list.

Legacy of Light - The spirit of the Aasimar glows with the light of the divine serving as a beacon of hope and expectations the celestial inside aspires to. The powers of this legacy are: the cantrip Light, at 3rd level Lesser Restoration once before requiring a long rest, and at 5th level Daylight cast once before requiring a long rest.
Alternate Spells: Replace Light with Guidance and/or replace Daylight with Beacon of Hope.

Legacy of the Protector - The celestial inside seeks to defend those around it, driving the Aasimar to become a champion for a cause. The powers of this legacy are: the cantrip Resistance.
Healing Hands: with an action you can touch a creature a heal a number of hit points equal to your level, you can't use it again until you complete a long rest.
Radiant Soul: At 3rd level you can transform yourself into an angelic being as you radiant with light and glowing wings sprout from your back. For 1 minute or until you end it as a bonus action, you gain a fly speed of 30 feet, and once per round to one target you can deal extra radiant damage equal to your level with an attack or spell. Once you use this you can't use it again until you complete a long rest.
Alternate Abilities: Replace Healing Hands with Cure Wounds (cast as 2nd level spell)

Legacy of the Scourge - The celestial inside seeks to punish those it feels are wicked, it's a wrathful spirit that drives the Aasimar towards battle and confrontation. The powers of this legacy are: the cantrip Sacred Flame
Healing Hands
: with an action you can touch a creature a heal a number of hit points equal to your level, you can't use it again until you complete a long rest.
Radiant Comsumption: At 3rd level you cause yourself to glow with blinding light glowing with bright light in a 10 foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet. For 1 minute or until you end it as a bonus action, at the end of your turn you and each creature within 10 feet take damage equal to half your level (rounded up) , and once per round can deal extra radiant damage equal to your level with an attack or spell. Once you use this you can't use it again until you complete a long rest.

Legacy of the Fallen - Sometimes it's a fallen celestial that is the influence of an Aasimar seeking instead to destroy the mortal world. Other times it's the nature of the mortal soul that has corrupted the celestial inside. The powers of this legacy are: the cantrip Thaumaturgy
Draining Touch:
with a melee spell attack you can inflict necrotic damage equal to your level, and healing yourself with an amount of damage equal to your level. You can't use this ability again until you complete a long rest.
Necrotic Shroud: At 3rd level you cause yourself to glow with dark energy and skeletal flightless wing sprout from your back. For 1 minute or until you end it as a bonus action, once per round can deal extra necrotic damage equal to your level with an attack or spell. When you first transform creatures within 10 feet of you must make a charisma save or be frightened of you until the end of your next turn. Once you use this you can't use it again until you complete a long rest.

Legacy of the Veil - Many celestials prefer to hide their presence from mortals guiding them towards the path of benevolence. The celestial inside prefers a more subtle approach. The powers of this legacy are: the cantrip Guidance, at 3rd level Disguise Self once before requiring a long rest, and at 5th level Blur cast once before requiring a long rest.
Alternate Spells: Replace Guidance with Minor Illusion and/or Blur with Enthrall.

Legacy of Enlightenment - The celestial inside seeks to learn from and understand the world around it. Knowledge it feels is the key to enlightenment which it feels it should guide all beings towards. The powers of this legacy are: the cantrip Thaumaturgy, at 3rd level Bless once before requiring a long rest.
Memories of a Thousand Lifetimes: With a halo of light and a piercing stare you can call upon your celestial knowledge, gaining +1d6 to the roll of a skill or ability check. Once you use this you can't use it against until you complete a short rest.

Celestial Resistance (Resistance trait)
An Aasimar's nature often makes them resistant to the affect of certain maladies and elements. Pick one from among the following damage types: necrotic and radiant (both of them), or fire or lightning damage.

Alternative Abilities:
Some of these abilities might be restricted at character creation, by the DM's discretion. They might be obtainable later with the Planar Legacy feat. These abilities below can be picked instead of any of the Celestial Legacy or Celestial Resistance options.

Celestial Wings - You have a working pair of wings which may be feathered or made of energy and light. You gain a fly speed of 30 feet. This ability replaces Celestial Legacy.
Alternate rule for Celestial Wings - An Aasimar with wings gains the ability to glide, subtract 100 feet from a fall when determining damage taken, and they can move 2 feet horizontally for every foot they fallen. At 5th level they can fly with speed of 30 feet.

Celestial Alacrity - Your have supernaturally fast reflexes always rushing the aid defense of others, your walking speed is 40 feet, and when you take the Help action you may do so as a bonus action. This ability replaces Celestial Legacy.

Radiant Touch - Your hands glow with light, your unarmed strikes do 1d6 radiant damage instead of bludgeoning damage. This ability replaces Celestial Legacy.

Divine Resilence - When you are conscious, can take actions and have less than half of your hit point total, at the end of your turns you regain half of your proficiency bonus (rounded down) until you have half of your hit points. This ability replaces Celestial Resistance.

The table of Aasimar features. I can definitely see where the one in Warriors of Heaven was copy and then change a few things from the Tiefling table. I'm aware of the how different certain celestials like Guardinals (especially Ursinals, as I don't think anyone has ever drawn a human-like Ursinal) can be from most humanoids, some of the same type look closer to Humans on Bytopia but closer to animals on the Beastlands, like for example an Equinal can look like either Bojack Horseman (as in really horselike) or like Sarah Jessica Parker (who's face reminds me of a horse). Though I guess a Aasimar of Leonid and Leonal Guardinal ancestry looks like a idealized lion with glowing fur. For a Human Aasimar with a Leonal Guardinal it might just be Lion ears (there's your cat-girl for you).

Aasimar do have a variety of features that often does hint at their celestial origins, unlike other Planetouched they mostly don't diverge too greatly from their mortal ancestry compared to some other Planetouched lineages. Common features do include metallic skin colours, patterns of light on their bodies, glowing eyes, or the occasional animal-like feature for those descended from animal-like Celestials like Hound Archons or Guardinals.

Instead of deciding for yourself what an Aasimar looks like, especially if you feel the Aasimar has a specific type of celestial in their bloodline. You may also select 1d3 features from the table below, either picking any one of the choices or rolling a d100 for each feature as a guideline. An Aasimar may have features not covered in this table.

Roll Trait
01-05 Unusual tint to skin (such as green, blue or purple)
06-10 Metallic skin (such as silver or gold)
11-14 Opalescent skin
15-19 Pointed ears
20-22 Doglike ears

23-25 Catlike ears
26-30 Angular face with high cheekbones
31-33 Long, distinguished nose
34-36 Hooked nose

37-40 Crystal-blue eyes
41-44 Bright green eyes
45-48 Gleaming silver eyes
49-52 Golden eyes
53-55 Fingers longer than normal

56-59 Animal horns on head
60-63 Silver or gold fingernails
64-66 Long, slender arms
67-69 Animal-like legs (such as a lion, horse or bird talons)
70-72 Animal-like tail

73-76 Vestigial Wings on shoulders
77-80 Body covered with speckled markings
81-85 Lines of light cover body
86-88 Radiates a slight glow
89-91 Bald, hairless

91-92 Hair moves like flames
93-95 Small feathers rather than hair on 1d10x10 of body
96-97 Sweet, fresh odor surrounds body
98-99 Surrounded by aura of calm
00 Really long-lived or ageless

So I've decided that what was formerly an optional rule Innate Spell Known, is now the main ruling for spells through lineage abilities. It's basically how things seem to be changing now across subclasses and the new lineages.

Examining the Aasimar abilities based on the ones from Volo's Guide to Monsters, they do seem to get a 1st and 2nd level spell that scales. But I can see why they got a rather "weak" cantrip like Light.

For Tieflings there might be the concern with any cantrip from the Warlock list for custom legacies, as that could be a free Eldritch Blast.

Also trying to find the best way to handle natural attacks, I think they're too weak and not useful for most characters unless it's a Monk or Rogue. More warrior type characters are going to use weapons that are better anyways, and spellcasters generally avoid melee combat. Which is why for the Tiefling, I added in extra effects for claws, stingers or horns. I'm curious though what should a feat or fighting style for improved natural attacks be like?

Thought of an additional Aasimar Legacy since I felt it needed one more:
Legacy of the Warden - The celestial spirit has a strong connection to the natural world and feels a need to protect it from the unnatural. It hopes to guide mortals to this same connection.
The powers of this legacy are: the cantrip Produce Flame, at 3rd level Protection From Evil and Good once before requiring a long rest, and at 5th level Moonbeam cast once before requiring a long rest.
Alternate Spells: Replace Produce Flame with Thornwhip and/or Protection From Evil and Good with Cure Wounds (cast as a 2nd level spell).

For Legacy of Enlightenment (the 4e Deva legacy) I felt Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes needs to be downgraded to a 1d4 bonus, given how the math in 5e has changed. Legacy of the Scourge I changed the cantrip to Thaumaturgy since I feel that's an example of a legacy that needs a weaker cantrip.

Ideas for natural weapons in general, that might be helpful for those good at fighting such as fighters, and for spellcasters...

Fighting Style
The following fighting style is available to Fighters, Paladins and Rangers:
Natural weapons: When attacking with a natural weapon such as claws or a bite attack, you inflict an extra 2 points of damage.

Primal Savagery
Requirements: A natural attack such as claws, bite, stingers or an energy touch
You're willing to jump into the fray with tooth and claw. You gain the following benefits.
-You may increase your strength, constitution or dexterity by 1 point (can't be above 20).
-If you are at least 5th level when attacking with your natural weapon, you can attack twice with it, if you did not have to ability to do so before.
-You may cast a cantrip instead of attacking for one of your attacks. Your natural attack is eligible for a weapon if the cantrip requires one.

Voidrunner's Codex

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