Endur's Return to TOEE part 2


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Endur's Return to TOEE part 2

Character Thread (PCs and major NPCs)

OOC Thread part 1

OOC Thread part 2

IC Thread part 1

Dalamar: Kerwyn, Dwarven Spellthief (was Suel Human)
Isida Kep'Tukari: Craven Proudheart, Human Paladin of St. Cuthbert
Manzanita: Torn (Rowena Eldred), Human Cleric
Paxus Asclepius: Belaver Thornfoot, Halfling Druid
Pyrex: Raner Bluestone, Dwarven Fighter
Seonaid: Toriah, Goblin Rogue (was Half-elven)
Thanee: Lenya, Rhennee Warlock
Xael: Lylamwyn Aleandlues, Dwarven Wizard (was Gray Elf)
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Belaver goes to the Old Trading Post. He is immediately invited to sit down at a table to have a meal with his Uncle Joman and Aunt Alice and his brother David.

David explains, "I'm visiting Hommlet as part of my journeyman training. It will be several years before Jonas can retire and I will be able to replace him as the miller. I am traveling through different towns and seeing different mills to broaden my skills and techniques."

Aunt Alice asks, "Belaver, Have you met any nice halfling girls David's age in your duties at the Grove?"

David blushes and continues,"I've gone by the Mill this morning and yesterday, but Karlun Fies refuses to see me or let me in. He didn't even talk to me in person. He just had his hired help tell me to stay away. I just wanted to look at their water wheel and see how their operation is setup."

Uncle Joman angrily replies "Nobody is going to treat a nephew of Joman Dart like that. Don't you worry David. I'll talk to Karlun Fies and he'll give you the grand tour. You have the word of Joman Dart."

Lenya walks over to the Grove of the Old Faith to find Belaver and/or healing. She finds Yundi, a former potboy from the Welcome Wench, outside in front of the grove playing fetch with his pet wolf.

Yundi calls out to Lenya, "Hi Lenya! I heard you were out of town with Belaver! Was your adventure exciting? Belaver isn't here right now, he went over to the old Trading post to see his brother David and his Uncle Joman and Aunt Alice.
"Did Vesta finally fire Maridosen? Maridosen is talking to Master Jaroo right now, and she is angrier than I have ever seen her. I hope Jaroo doesn't bring Maridosen on as an apprentice in the Old Faith. Working with her at the Welcome Wench was bad enough."

Lylamwyn goes to Spugnoir's home to return Spugnoir's personal effects. Calmer, Canoness Y'dey's assistant, is already there, comforting Spugnoir's daughter Renne. Renne is crying uncontrollably.


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Yundi responds, "I know you can't afford to pay the rates for healing that Master Jaroo charges. Unless you recovered Raner's Diamond Mine on your adventure?
"Since Master Jaroo is busy, I'll go ahead and heal you."

Yundi casts Cure Light Wounds on Lenya twice, healing her completely.


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“You really learned a lot, since you left the inn. Much like I did during the last few days. Thank you very much, I will repay you when I get the opportunity.”


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Calmer is comforting Renne, Spugnoir's daughter, at their house in the presence of Craven, Lylamwyn, and Raner who brought Spugnoir's equipment to the house.

Calmer mentions, "I will pray to St. Cuthbert. Perhaps a miracle will happen and Spugnoir will be returned to life. Miracles have happened before. If we have faith, another may happen.
"Miracles can not be predicted or controlled, though. Otto died and he was not brought back, even though all agreed that he was a favored and devout servant of St. Cuthbert. Likewise, Prince Thrommel was taken from us after his greatest victory. When it is your time, it is your time."

The party gathers together after leaving Spugnoir's house and takes the female cultist to Elmo's house.

Elmo is having a party in his backyard. Food is barbequing on several pits. Picnic blankets and tables are setup. One hundred of the residents (adults and children) of Hommlet are chatting and eating. Some of the kids are playing games of tag or engaging in crafts.

From overhearing some of the conversations, you get the impression that Elmo organized this party for the Militia members and their families.


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Raner looks around the party, somewhat confused to see Elmo in such high spirits after the events earlier in the day. As he's not really dressed for a party (or, having been a few days without a bath at this point fit for polite company) he tries not to make too much of a scene as the group approaches to get his attention.

As Elmo approaches, Raner speaks quietly "Ah, about this morning, we've brought the only survivor, who, ah, was in the wagon with you. Now, ah, I'm not one to be askin one such as yerself ta be explainin yerself, but we figured ye'd be knowin what best to do with the prisoner."
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Elmo replies "Get yourself a drink and a plate of food and sit down and enjoy yourself. You'll have to tell us all about your adventures. Some of you look injured, were you in a fight?
"What's this about a prisoner and a wagon and this morning?"


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Lylamwyn gives a "Hush"-look to Raner, and starts explaining: "Short version: We went to the Moathouse, we're trapped inside by a dragon with a bunch of evil cultists and their allies, killed most of them, found a few evil artifacts, and found a way out. On our way back, bunch of more evil cultists intercepted us, two of them disguised as Vesta and you. We killed the cultists and captured one of them, whom we we're told to bring to you. The fake Vesta disappeared by means unknown to us, and the one disguising as you turned out to be a Werewolf and ran off somewhere.

Spugnoir was killed by Chat, who tried to kill us all for some reason, before we killed him in return. Redithidoor and Nierethi Poscurian were also killed in the process of investigating the Moathouse, and Old Del was captured and apparently tortured to death by the cultist we met on the way back.

Would you like to hear the long version?"
, Lylamwyn says, seeminly starting to get tired and depressed from everything.
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Elmo replies,

"Dragons, Werewolves, and Evil Cultists. Oh My!

"You did have an adventure.

"I'm sorry to hear about Spugnoir, Redithidoor, and Old Del. I adventured with Spugnoir in the Moathouse a dozen years ago. We slew the enemy leader, Lareth the Beautiful, and disrupted his plans.

"I used to go fishing with my brother Otto, my Dad, and Old Del. Old Del knew all the best fishing holes.

"The Welcome Wench will never be the same without Redithidoor's singing. I never got the chance to get to know Chat or Nierethi.

"Evil doers can be tricky. I once encountered a hag who disguised herself as a Canoness of St. Cuthbert.

"Hey Zed-- take this prisoner that our new adventurers captured and lock her in the stocks outside the town hall. Assign a guard to watch over her.

"Hommlet isn't big enough for a jail, so we'll lock her in the stocks. The town elders will meet tomorrow afternoon to try her for her crimes.

"I'd love to hear your tale in greater detail, but I don't have the time right now. I just got back into town two hours ago and I have to get the militia ready.

"I'm going to be very busy with militia activities for the next few weeks. An ambassador from Furyondy was captured or slain by orcs in the Kron Hills. As the local Knight of Furyondy, I was asked to look into it. I found the ambushed caravan and lots of orc tracks leading into the Lortmils. No sign of the ambassador. The Viscount of Verbobonc is already blaming the Gnomes of the Kron Hills. Each side is accusing the other of hiring the orcs to do away with the Ambassador.

"Hommlet lies directly between Verbobonc and the Kron Hills. If they go to war the militia will have to be ready."

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