Flight of the Resistance (Star Wars)

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Just to kvetch, I was always trained that present tense is Not Acceptable. That's why no one writes in it. Then I read Divergent and it was like nails on a chalkboard. And someone pointed out to me that Hunger Games was written in present tense and I was like, "I never noticed."

But playing here, I have found it bleeding over into my writing. Ironically only in my GM posts though.

That said, not a huge deal to me. I have gotten used to it. But I personally try to follow writing conventions, which is why I really hate coding, colored speech, etc.

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Perception: 2eA+2eD 2 successes, 2 threat

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Rico can see two potential escape routes, but each has its complications...

One is a narrow fissure in the earth and stones at the base of ziggurat that's been eaten away by water finding its natural drainage route. However, it's very narrow, barely enough for Rico to slide through on his belly, and it's impossible to see where it leads.

The other is to rapidly scale the ziggurat, moving counterclockwise in a low crouch to keep as much of it massing between you and the stormtroopers as possible. However, it will require a Difficulty 2 Stealth check and could be strenuous (i.e. incurring strain).


Where is the sensor in relation to my location.

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Well, I'm not sure Rico would know that information, would he? I mean, it's not like he's communicating with Rex is he?

But the AT-FRC walker is to his southwest. Normally its sensors extend to Medium planetary scale range (~50 km), but Rex managed to reduce their functional range to Short planetary scale (up to several dozen km, which I interpreted in the uneven terrain of Kabal's rainforests as 5 km).

Would a droid have a built in light source, or would that have been something like a built-in Fusion-Lantern?

I believe the intention with droid PCs is that you only have built-ins that are described explicitly in the species description for droids or that you purchase. This is to avoid a droid PC starting with lots of free equipment "because droids in the movies had it."

If a Fusion Lantern was overkill for what you wanted (it's a light, heater, and power source), I think it would be reasonable to include a built-in flashlight (50 credits, encumbrance 0, rarity 0) if you wanted and had the money to spend.


Ok combat questions.
1) Is there a melee penalty with blasters?
2) Is there something akin to an opportunity attack for leaving an adjacent square?

Contemplating a surprise attack from above but trying to descern my odds of success with surprise on my side.

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