Flight of the Resistance (Star Wars)

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I'm going to ping this thread again. I really want to continue this game as I love my character and the story potential we have going. Is anyone else wanting to get this moving again?

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I'm still here if we start up again, yes.

Thanks guys! My motivation has been worn down a bit because of that darned real life. Just barely keeping up with my older D&D play-by-posts at this point. I do want to start up again, however, when my schedule clears up.

Peter Gimm

First Post
Starwars RPG interest?

I’m very much interested in playing a play by post role-playing game revolving around the
Starwars universe.
Ive had plenty of experience with D&D, and would like a break from it.
Im with discord, and myth weavers so can make a standard Starwars character there and upload the character link to an appropriate site.



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