I'm ready for a new Star Wars RPG

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
That being said, it was a lot of great books with some cool deep lore, so I regret any of the ones I have. Just wish the game hadn't died without so much as an announcement.

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Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
I'd love to play a Star Wars RPG that didn't have stats, but instead used descriptors/feats/traits/whatever. So instead of representing how strong Wookies are with a numerical Strength score, they have a trait that lets them do really well on Strength-related tasks.

It would just be so nice to not worry about racial bonuses, debates about Halflings being as strong as Goliaths, or whatever.


I loved the basics of FFGs version of star wars, if I could find a lite version of the genesys system that did away with all the charts and extra stuff, but just kept the basic rolls, I'd play star wars with that system.

aramis erak

With all that being said, I'm ready for a new official Star Wars RPG. Edge studio has the license now, right? How long will that last?
I seem to recall something about 5 year terms... the beta hit in 2012... they had to have it a year before, but I think it was two, based upon Mongoose Matt's failed bid. so, from 2011, if I recall the term length correctly (my confidence on that is low - 30% or so), that would be 2016, and 2021 renewals, and that means 3 more years.

I've not heard of any new product, but they're still not meeting demand for new core reruns and new sourcebook reruns. If it were 4 year terms, 2011, 2015, 2019, 2023... or maybe 2010, '14, '18, '22 but we'd hear if they failed to renew so it would be 2026 or2027...

In 1984 we created SWARP ( star wars using MERP). Played loads.
Didn't care for any other version until we made one using Barbarians of Lemuria. It's fast and furious and fun ( unlike the other FFF game which is never not quite there).

Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
the 5 kids of 8-14 I've run FFG SW for had ZERO trouble with the game.

I wonder. I do the same with 5e, and they jump right in and play no problem, but the 10-and-unders don’t really comprehend all the choices they have.

Then again, maybe I’m just projecting. I have found that I don’t need or even like lots of rules and character options. Maybe I’m just using the kids as an excuse.


(Sort of like the pro- racial ability modifier folks who claim they are only worried about the poor newbies who won’t understand that elves are graceful if they don’t get +2 Dex.)

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