Endur's Return to TOEE part 2

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Kerwyn obtains the following divine spells from the Trog Cultist: 0th: Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Magic; 1st: Command, Lesser Confusion.


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Where does the party go next?

The party is fully healed (except for Xaod). Belaver and Lylamwyn are essentially out of spells. If the party wants to rest, you would have the option of resting in a room, resting in the wilderness outside the Mines complex, or resting back at the Orc infested hamlet of Rastor.

Kerwyn invisibly scouts around.

Kerwyn scouts north of the room where the party thinks the Trog priest lived and finds a Y intersection. At the Y intersection, two Troglydyte guards are posted. Kerwyn sneaks past the guards. He passes through five or six caves occupied by a half dozen Troglydytes . The Trogs appear wary, but Kerwyn does not see anyone preparing a counter-attack. Kerwyn stops scouting and returns to the party after reaching a cave that is occupied by a winged lion with a spiky tail.

Kerwyn scouts south in the direction that Maridosen fled.

Kerwyn passes through a storage room and enters a room that appears to once have been used for some sort of mining process. Two rows of long wooden troughs, collapsing from rot in places extend the length of this long chamber. At the far eastern end, a dark shaft plunges downward. A thick flexible tube made of hides is connected to a large set of bellows and then drops down into a shaft. The other end of the tube rests limply on the ground near the eastern edge of the troughs. Kerwyn finds a torn and worm-eaten book that might be interesting to Lylamwyn.

Kerwyn enters the next room and finds a massive, dust covered rusty machine of some sort. A chute leads into a pair of massive stone cylinders and a wooden trough underneath. The cylinders appear to be connected by gears to a single, huge crank, sized for a giant to turn. Small bits of stone lie scattered around the machine.

The next chamber that Kerwyn enters is large and mostly empty. Three four-wheeled ore carts are here, with high sides and a strange sort of handle on one end. One of the carts lies on its side. To the south, two rough hewn passages lead out the room, a pair of iron rails running down the middle of both, with lengths of timber supporting the rails at set intervals.

Kerwyn thinks that the whole party could ride in one of the carts to wherever the rails go. And that the incline would make a ride fun. And that treasure, prisoners, etc. could also be transported by cart.


"So there's some stinkies guarding a crossroad, the other way is more stinkies and some spiky-tailed beastie, while the other direction has a big hole, and then some fun-looking rides," Kerwyn explains, and then hands over the book to Lylamwyn.
"We could probably still hand some lizards their butts, but it might be wise to go rest somewhere so the bookworm here has time to recharge and read," he adds, patting Lylamwyn on the shoulder.
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"I would be in favor of resting somewhere, but I'm not sure we have too many safe options for that. What would seem like the best place to you?", Lylamwyn says while taking a quick look at the book Kerwyn found.


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"As distasteful as staying here may be, I don't think we should leave the mines. If we do, as soon as a patrol notices what's happened they'll barricade the west doors and we won't be able to get back in. I think we need to stay here and make sure no patrols report back in."


Toriah listens to the others. "I don' like th' idea of them meetin' up an' ambushin' us, or callin' reinforcements . . ."


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To the North:
Kerwyn's spikey-tailed Winged Lion Beastie is in room 224. Six or ten Trogs wandering around and living in the other caves.

To the South:
Mining equipment and carts.


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