Endur's Return to TOEE part 2

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“I could also try to charm it, like Slaazh. Hey, it did work, or not? I'm not entirely sure, whether it will work on a beast, though, but it's worth a try. It should let us pass then.”


First Post
Belaver, Neshi, and Lenya enter the large cavern ahead of the rest of the party.

Belaver recognizes straight away that the creature is a Magical Beast of some sort.

Between Belaver's attempts at Calming and Lenya's attempts to charm the winged lion, the winged lion decides to not treat the party as prey nor does it roar a challenge.

Lylamwyn thinks that the creature might be a Manticore, a winged lion that fires spikes from its tail.

The party passes by the Winged Lion.

Does the party take the left or right exit from the cave?


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First Post
The party takes the right hand exit from the room with the Manticore. The party travels sixty feet and then enters a 20 by 20 foot cavern. A vent in the center of the cave produces gusts of warm air. A hammock made from a net hangs in the eastern part of the cave, while a mat of woven leather strips is at the entrance. Humanoid skulls and bones are hung from or spiked onto the walls.

The welcome mat at the entrance to the cave appears to have been made from human and dwarf skin.

Kerwyn’s Eyes of the Eagle grant him the ability to notice a small stone that looked out of place. After moving the stone, Kerwyn found a small hole where three 10 gp moss agates, 45 gp, and some magical incense was hidden.

The party returns to the cavern with the Manticore and tries the other exit. The party goes down a flight of stairs for twenty feet. The party travels another sixty feet until Kerwyn and Toriah spot a small gargoyle standing guard in a twenty by twenty cave. They sneak up on the gargoyle and put it out of its misery.

After traveling another sixty feet the party comes to a four way intersection. The party takes the right most option and travels sixty feet until they enter a twenty feet by twenty feet cave with one exit to the south. The cave smells of something rotting mixing with something acrid to make it a very unpleasant cave indeed. Many vermin were once in this cave, there are many traces that make Belaver think that centipedes were in this cave, hundreds or thousands of centipedes in an area close together.

The party moves into the next cave, a 30’ by 30’ cave. The dark stone wall of this cave are mostly covered with tapestries that show creatures made entirely of rock and earth toppling buildings and killing people. On the ceiling, about 12 feet above, a dead human, skin shriveled and blackened, hangs by chains horizontally in a spread eagle position. The rear of the cave has a wooden bed, a small table, a padded chair, and a chest. The small table has a bronze coffer atop it. The cave stinks of death.

When Kerwyn examines the coffer, he accidentally sets off a magically trap, which causes him to experience winter cold and frostbite (dmg 18). A wand of cure light wounds burns 3 charges to heal Kerwyn.

Inside the coffer, Kerywn discovers 10 100 gp amethysts and a magical amulet.

Kerwyn also discovers a note written in draconic:
Trust in the Dark Master to guide you to glory. Just as you molded the Earth Temple anew from the ashes of Garrick's defeat, so too shall you rebuild from the incursions of these meddling intruders. Service to the Eye demands patience. With patience comes insight. If I did not find your people worthy I would not have supported your efforts against Tessimon. Prove yourself here and you will stand beside Ogremoch himself when we are called to judgement before the Elder Elemental Eye.
Nonetheless, I know you cannot rebuild alone. Ukemil recommends you grant great respect to the one that bears this message. Heed Ukemil’s advice. His strategic mind served him well in his quest to ascend to the Fane. Let it now serve you as well.
May you feast on the warm entrails of these insolent unbelievers.

The party leaves the stinking caves and moves on.

Kerwyn and Toriah slay another small gargoyle sentry.

Kerwyn and Toriah then sneak up to edge of a large room, the main cave is 60’ by 60’ and they are in a 40’ by 20’ area that leads into the main cave.

Chanting in words that humans cannot pronounce meets your ears. This cave smells of loam and blood. A three-tiered ziggurat rises 15 feet above the floor, which is of soft earth. Black-cloaked figures surround this edifice, at the top of which is a triangular platform the color of watery mud. Another cloaked figure stands atop the altar clutching a bloody knife in one hand and what appears to be a heart in the other. A blood-soaked body lies limp at that figure’s feet. Behnd the figure with the knife, another humanoid figure beats a drum, and as it does, something rises up through the floor, passing through the soft earth as if it does not exist.

The walls are covered with tapestries of dark brown and black images of demons and other hideous creatures.

There appear to be five entrances to this room (southeast – the one the party is entering from, southwest, north east, northwest, and north. Adjacent to the Northeast entrance is a cloaked cultist that is probably an ogre or a giant. Adjacent to the Northwest entrance are three cloaked figures armed with spears. Adjacent to the North entrance is a cloaked figure holding onto a female elf who wears chains and little else.

Around the pyramid are half a dozen cowled figures as well as the knife wielder and drummer and the strange creature that has risen from the floor.

The otherworldly abomination looks like nothing you have seen before. It is not bipedal, instead it is a squat creature with mouth, eyes, and arms are set off a central body. It has a large mouth that looks capable of swallowing a man whole and three clawed arms and eyes that can look in every direction.



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First Post

Torn cast her Holy Smite spell. She will try to catch as many of the cultists as possible within the 20 foot radius, perferably the ones on the top of the ziggurat. Afterwards, unless events direct otherwise, she'll stay put to defend the spellcasters with her sword.


First Post
Surprise Round
20: Lylamwyn casts Glitterdust on the cultists on the Ziggurat (DC 17, cultist with knife 10+ pass, drummer 6+ fails, cultist 13+ fails, cultist 17+ pass, abomination 1 fail)
20: Craven casts Bless Weapon on his warhammer
18: Belaver summons a medium Air elemental (Summon Nature's Ally IV)
18: Neshi guards
18: Kerwyn shoots his crossbow at the nearest cultist (11+8=19 hit, dmg 13)
16: Lenya attempts to charm the abomination (DC 17 will: 16+ pass)
11: Raner moves closer
9: Toriah shoots an arrow at the knife wielder, but misses (2+)
6: Torn casts Holy Smite on the cultists gathered around the Ziggurat (dmg 28 to evil outsiders, dmg 17 to other evil creatures, dmg 8 to neutral creatures, dc 17 will save for half damage and avoiding 1 round of blindness, knife wielder 2+ pass, drummer 18+ pass, cultists 13+ fail, 12+ fail, 17 pass, 20 pass, 5 fail, 16 pass, abomination 5 fail)

The cultist who was shot by Kerwyn's crossbow and smited by Torn's Holy Power falls to the ground bleeding.
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