Endur's Return to TOEE part 2


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Lenya uses her Charms on the weird creature that just arrived and points towards the cultists on the platform, where the sacrifice took place.

“Kill the robed ones!”

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Raner moves up, preparing to charge either the creature (if it does not obey Leyna's command) or the nearest cultist (if it does).


Kerwyn crossbow-snipes the closest cultist.

On following rounds, he drops his crossbow and starts moving towards the Nort entrance to save the scantily-clad lady in distress, drawing his dagger as he goes and using the walls if that proves the faster way.


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Torn will move in to attack with her longsword. She will head after Kerwyn, to help rescue the elf captive.

OOC: Sword Melee Atk +11 long sword+2 1d8+5
AC 22


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Round 1
22: Knife Wielding Cultist (-8) shrugs off his robes, revealing his true identity as he speaks in a cold dispassionate voice that travels across the cavern.
“You are not from the Abyss. You do not understand. Following my path will cause you a greater pain than you know.”
Lareth the Beautiful casts confusion at the party (Lenya 3+ fail, Lylamwyn 18+8=26 pass, Belaver 13+11=24 pass, Neshi 3+ fail, Kerwyn 3+ fail, Torn 20+ pass, Craven 6+ fail, Toriah 3+ fail) and then moves towards the exit guarded by the large cultist that looks like an ogre.

20: Lylamwyn strives to end the Confusion effect with Dispel Magic, but fails (DC20 caster check 10+6=16 fail)
20: Craven (Bless Weapon, confused) mistakes Torn for a Demon from the abyss and attacks her (15+ hit, 3+ miss, dmg 12)
19: Cultist holding prisoner shouts in a raspy reptilian voice and laughs manically as a hundreds and thousands of centipedes pour forth from the cave behind him. The centipedes ignore the cultist, but run right over his prisoner. The elven woman screams in terror as she is covered by the creeping doom until her screams are cut off when centipedes enter her mouth. The centipedes are moving, slowly, towards the party as they cover walls floors and ceiling. One of the blind cultists and the bleeding cultist are over-run by the creeping doom and slain. The other cultists avoid being run over.
18: Medium Air Elemental appears in whirlwind form and moves amongst the cultists, destroying the Creeping Doom, and scattering thousands of dead centipedes in every direction
18: Belaver waits to sling a stone at the next caster
18: Neshi (confused) flees
18: Kerwyn (confused) mistakes Lylamwyn for a cultist and attacks Lylamwyn, but misses (1+)
18: Abomination (blind for six rounds, -28) flails its claws blindly
17: Drummer (blind for six round, -8) casts Dispel Magic on the Glitterdust (Belaver slings a stone, 19+ hits, dmg 3, concentration check DC23 15+7=22 fails)
17: 8 other Cultists (1 cultist blind for 1 round, -8, -8, -8, -8, -17) draw weapons and form up in front of the pyramid
17: Ogre-sized Cultist draws a sword and steps aside to let Lareth pass him by
16: Lenya (confused) flees
11: Raner charges the abomination, ignoring the horrible smells, and destroys the Abomination and cuts down one of the cultists (8 fort saves, 6+) (2 handed power attack for 7, 18+2+12-7=25 hit, dmg 22; cleave 14+2+12-7=21 hit, dmg 26)
9: Toriah (confused) mistakes Craven for a Black Knight and attacks Craven (16+4+2=22 Hit, dmg 11)
6: Torn (-12) double moves towards the Trog guarding the elven woman


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/OOC: Over half the party confused? This is going to hurt. At least I was out-of-range. :)

Hoping the elemental will delay the cultists a while and not sure how to un-confuse the others, Raner continues with his original plan of attacking the abomination; trying to stay out of the Glitterdust in the process.


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Lylamwyn tries to dispel the Confusion spell by casting Dispel Magic, and tries not to dispel the Glitterdust or the Air Elemental.


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Torn decides she needs to distance herself from the confused members of the party. She moves away to attack one of the cultists holding the elf captive.


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Lenya runs down some corridor, knowing, that if she runs fast enough, she will learn how to fly.

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