Endur's Return to TOEE part 2


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Raner looks up as the two new salamanders join the fray and try to skewer Kerwyn. Figuring if he's doomed he may as well take the salamanders with him, Raner attacks the nearer of the two.

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Since they worked rather well, Lenya continues to call upon the powers of the earth and let grappling arms of rock appear behind the newly arrived salamanders.

OOC: BTW, Stony Grasp cannot be dismissed.

Paxus Asclepius

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If Belaver can approach the newly-arrived salamanders without passing by the stone arms, he will do so; otherwise, he will charge a salamander and hope his ursine strength can shrug off the gripping hands.


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Round 6 (everyone except Lenya and Lylamwyn in the Silence area):
21: Both Salamanders (-22, -8 Str -14) struggle but fail to escape from being grappled by Belaver (3+11 vs. 4+19 fail, 1+11 vs. 12+19 fail, 11+6 vs. 4+19 fail) and the Stony Grasp (2+7 vs. 17+12, 15+7 vs. 17+12, 11+2 vs. 10+12 fail)
21: Torn (Magic Circle Against Evil ) attacks a Salamander with her longsword (16+12=28 hit, dmg 11; 5+7=12 miss)
13: Lylamwyn
11: Belaver (-13, Brown Bear, Barkskin +3 ac) has suffered burns from grappling the Salamander, but continues to attack the Salamander (Claw: 4+19 vs. 13+11 miss, 7+19 vs. 15+11, hit, dmg 15-10=5, bite 11+14 vs. 14+11, hit, dmg 12-10=2, Belaver takes another dmg 7 from heat)
11: Neshi (Barkskin +3 ac) bites at a Salamander and howls from how hot the Salamander is (11+ hit, dmg 6-DR 10=0, Neshi takes dmg 3 from heat)
10: Raner (-17, Enlarged, cursed: -4 to attack rolls, saves, ability checks) steps forward and slays the first Salamander and hits the second Salamander (6+13-4+2=17 hit, dmg 12, 15+8-4+2=21 hit, dmg 18 slaying the first Salamander, cleave 13+8-4+2=19 hit, dmg 10)
9: Kerwyn (-2, Shield, cursed, resist fire 10) moves and attempts to stab the remaining Salamander, but misses (2+10+2=14)
6: Lenya (Shield) sends an Eldritch Blast at the remaining Salamander (11+ touch attack hits, dmg 16)
6: Stony Grasp (ac 18, hardness 8, hp 32) squeezes the weakened Salamander, but the Salamander twists and resists ( 2+12 vs. 19+7, Salamander takes no damage)
6: Stony Grasp (ac 18, hardness 8, hp 32) has no one in reach
6: Stony Grasp (ac 18, hardness 8, hp 32) has no one in reach
1: Craven (Bless Weapon ) attacks the Salamander and lands a powerful blow that drops the final Salamander (PA8: 13+13-8+2=20 hit, dmg 22; 3+13-8+2=10 miss)

The party has defeated the Salamander reinforcements.

Kerwyn scouts around the corner and does not see any more enemies in the immediate vincinity.

Toriah was slain. Although Belaver could pray for his return in a new form, reincarnation would take ten minutes. Does the party wish to remain in the hallway for ten minutes while Belaver summons a new form for Toriah or continue on deeper into the Fire Temple?


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Torn offers to heal anyone badly hurt. "If you can reincarnate Toriah, I suggest we do it. I don't see anyone else coming. We can post watches in both directions. We'll probably need all the help we can get to destroy this alter."


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The party used wands of cure light wounds to heal wounds while Belaver prayed for Toriah's return (Expend 8 charges).

While Belaver prays for Toriah to come back in another form and the others discuss what to do next, Kerwyn scouts around to see if any more Salamanders are in the area (and also to see if there is any treasure lying around unclaimed).

The party is currently in the room where they fought the Salamanders (room 130).

Kerwyn scouts to the right towards the sound of water dripping (into room 131). Kerwyn discovers water dripping down from the ceiling into what appears to be a large deep pool of water, at least 20' across. Kerwyn wonders whether he is below the lake in this cave, or whether he could swim through the pool out into the lake.

Kerwyn leaves that room and heads to the room the Salamanders and Hell Hound came from (room 123). Smoke makes it difficult to see in this cave. An iron brazier, 3 feet across, swings ever so slightly on a chain hung from the ceiling, 8 feet from the floor. Under it, in the center of the cave, lies a 10 foot diameter iron plate, cupped like a huge bowl. Lenya does not detect any magic in this room nor does Craven detect any evil.

Kerwyn's stolen fire resistance protects him from the intense heat generated by the brazier and iron apparatus as he searches it for treasure. Within the hanging brazier, Kerwyn discovers a secret compartment (DC24 search check: 15+ success) that contains a red ceramic dish with an amber triangle containing five large deep blue spinels (worth 600 gp each).

Kerwyn leaves alone the large red bronze doors that are engraved with the image of a coiled Red Dragon. Lenya detected moderate magic on the doors and Craven detected strong evil on the doors.

Kerwyn moves down the hallway in the opposite direction from which the Salamanders came (to room 124). Two tall statues of black-clad warriors, their plate armor covered in strange embellishments and angular flanges, seem to stand guard in this room facing south. Each imposing figure stands 10 feet tall and grasps a sword with strange, baroque ornamentation. Lenya detected Faint Magic and Craven detected Moderate Evil in this area.

The floor is worked smooth in contrast to the rough hewn walls. On the floor, ancient, twisted, and somehow disturbing letters spell out words in a language that Kerwyn does not recognize. Kerwyn uses his Comprehend Lanugages ability to read the words enscribed upon the floor. He realizes that the words are written in the unholy forbidden language of Demons, Abyssal.

"Here lie those who served best the dark master in all his forms. Disturb not their slumber."

Kerwyn can see that this room (124) is the entrance hall to a series of crypts. The crypts look extravagant and undisturbed, full of wealth for the first thief bold enough to steal from them.

Kerwyn decides to scout some more before looting the crypts, so he goes past the large double doors to the next room (122). Opposite the entrance, a huge idol made of black stone, fashioned in the shape of a stern but serene dragon with folded wings, guards a large stone box. The wings of the dragon have been covered in shiny red enamel. The eyes of the dragon glisten like emeralds. The far wall of the cave is covered by a red curtain with an amber diamond on it. Kerwyn can smell incense and perfume from the direction of the red curtain. Lenya detected faint magic in the room and Craven detected faint evil in the room.

Kerwyn searched for traps, but did not find any (DC28: search check 6+12=18 fails, DC21: search check 3+12=15 fails), and when he stepped into the room to get a better look at the emeralds and/or the stone box and/or the red curtain, the floor exploded in flame simulatenously while a mechanical scythe tried to chop Kerwyn in half.(DC18 reflex save, 7+ fail, dmg 16; Scythe attack: 9+10=19 hit, dmg 5). After being cut by the scythe, Kerwyn disables the scythe trap (15+15=30). Kerwyn removes the emerald eyes from the stone dragon (worth 500 gp each) and opens the stone box the dragon guarded. Inside the box, he found an ominous looking golden orb set with multiple pieces of amber (worth at least 1000 gp) and a copy of the Book of the Dark Eye.

After drinking five potions of cure light wounds to heal himself, Kerwyn draws aside the red curtain to see what is on the other side. This cave (120) is a lavishly furnished bed chamber. A sumptious bed is in the middle of the room, disheveled with red satin blankets and pillows. A large ebony wardrobe rests against the east wall next to a vanity with a large mirror atop it and a wooden coat rack. A large wooden chest, bound in iron straps, and sealed with a massive padlock, sits against the west wall. Next to the chest are a small black marble top table and a pair of padded chairs. The table holds a silver service set, dirty with food and drink that has not yet been cleaned up. The cave walls have been painted with red streaks to give the impression of flames.

Perfumes, cosmetics, and abundent female clothing convinces Kerwyn that a woman lives here. It takes Kerwyn a couple of minutes to defeat the large padlock, but the wait is worth it. The chest is full of jewelry (necklaces, rings, earrings, and other jewels worth 3000gp). In addition to the jewelry, Kerwyn finds a bag with 230 gp, a black urn with gold inlay (worth 100 gp), a treasure map, a map of the fire temple, and a letter from someone named Hedrack to someone named Tessimon.

Kerwyn returns to the rest of the party with what he has found and discovers that Toriah has been reincarnated as a dwarf.


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First Post
Active Spells on the Party
Torn (Magic Circle Against Evil )
Belaver (Brown Bear, Barkskin +3 ac)
Neshi (Barkskin +3 ac)
Raner (cursed: -4 to attack rolls, saves, ability checks)
Kerwyn (cursed)

Is the party going to attempt to open the Red Bronze doors enscribed with a coiling Dragon? Are they going to follow the Temple map that Kerwyn found and attempt an alternative entrance to the room through the curtains marked on the map or the other set of double doors? Is the party instead going to loot the crypts that Kerwyn found or other parts of the temple before trying the large double doors?

Also, will any preparation spells be cast before attempting to open the double doors? Shield, Invisibility, Protection from Fire, summoning Hammers using the Hammerspheres, etc?

Paxus Asclepius

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Belaver will summon a brown bear timed to appear at the time that the double doors open; he's decided Flame Strike might not be so useful against the Fire Temple.


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Torn sighs. "This will be a tough fight, and I see no reason to delay. Let us go through these big doors and face our enemy. For what its worth, we should keep wearing these disguises. According to this description of the alter, we may not be attacked by its guards. Let me prepare us with some spells."

Torn will cast Bulls strength on Craven. She'll anticipate casting Prayer to aid the party, and Divine power on Kerwyn or Toriah, whoever plans to engage in melee. She'll wait on these latter two spells, since they don't have a long duration.


First Post
Torn Casts Bulls Strength on Craven
Craven casts Bulls Strength on Kerwyn
Kerwyn and Toriah do not find any traps on the doors nor do they see any locks. The doors do not open to gentle pushing.

The party decides to bash the doors down using the Hammer Spheres and other weapons.
Craven casts Protection from Evil on Toriah and casts Bless on the party.
Lenya casts Shield on herself and lends her wand to Kerwyn and Lylamwyn so they can cast Shield on themselves.
Lylamwyn casts Haste on: Belaver, Craven, Kerwyn, Lenya, Lylamwyn, Torn, and Raner.
Belaver casts Summon Nature's Ally IV, summoning a Brown Bear.
Torn casts Prayer on the party.

Belaver, Kerwyn, Lenya, Lylamwyn, and Raner use the Hammer Spheres to summon a gigantic Hammer of Moradin to strike the bronze doors. Torn summons the Sword of Heironeous to strike at the bronze doors. Craven swings his warhammer at the bronze doors. The doors are crushed by the powerful blows and bent open inward, admitting the party.
Surprise Round (Party: Bless, Prayer)
19: Kerwyn (cursed) uses the Hammersphere (14+ hits, dmg 17-9=8)
18: Torn (Magic Circle Against Evil ) casts Spiritual Weapon (18+ hits, dmg 8-9=0)
11: Lenya uses the Hammer Sphere (14+ hits, dmg 17-9=8)
11: Toriah waits
10: Lylamwyn uses the Hammer Sphere (7+ hits, dmg 13-9=4)
9: Brown Bear arrives
9: Belaver (Brown Bear, Barkskin +3 ac) uses the Hammer Sphere (6+ hits, dmg 17-9=8)
9: Neshi (Barkskin +3 ac) waits
6: Craven swings his Warhammer (2handed PA for 8: 16+ hits, Dmg 28-9=19)
4: Raner (cursed: -4 to attack rolls, saves, ability checks) uses the Hammer Sphere (6+ hits, dmg 14-9=5)

The Bronze doors fall from their hinges, revealing the following scene. This huge sweltering cave stretches close to 150 feet across. An 80-foot wide pit, filled with hungry clawing flames, is in the center, and a 30-foot wide 6 inch thick steel platform floats in the middle of the pit, right at the level of the tops of the flames. Atop the platform is an altar of obsidian, glistening in the firelight but rough-edged. The altar is flanked by two tall brass candelabra each holding five candles. A large kettledrum also sits by the altar. The walls are covered with elaborate images of fiery demons torturing people and thrusting them into flames. This room looks and feels like a vision of hell itself. The ceiling is 70 feet high.

Standing on top of the floating platform (as seen in the attached image) is a female cultist who is beating on a drum with a strange tentacle rod. A screaming man is chained to the altar, Torn recognizes the screaming man as her former party member Jurrikath Musseloto.

To the right of the firepit, is an alcove that the party can’t see into from their current vantage point. Several people are chained before the alcove (an old elven male that fits the description of Festalon Girrot the ambassador sent to negotiate peace between Verobobonc and the gnomes, a female Halfling that looks like your friend Olive, and a young adult female human with red hair). Guarding the chained prisoners is a Salamander wearing red full plate armor covered in flaming skull imagery and wielding a barbed, all-iron greatsword. Standing next to the Salamander is a male human cultist that you recognize as Lareth the Beautiful.

Round 1 (Party: Bless, Prayer)
20: Lareth moves 60' towards the other set of double doors (away from the newly arrived party of cultists).
19: Kerwyn (cursed, Haste, Bulls Strength, Shield) moves 40' into the room
19: Kerwyn’s Hammer of Moradin attacks Lareth (2+ miss)
18: Torn (Magic Circle Against Evil , Haste) casts Shield of Faith upon herself
18: Torn’s Sword of Heironeous attacks the cultist on the platform (8+13=21 miss)
17: Salamander casts Bulls Strength upon himself and spreads a non-magical oil on his great sword
15: Female Cultist on Floating Platform beats on the drum and calls out, "Great Elder Elemental Eye. Show These Minions Your Power." She also casts a spell that Lylamwyn recognizes as Spell Resistance.
11: Lenya (Shield, Haste) moves 60' towards the Salamander
11: Lenya’s Hammer of Moradin attacks the cultist on the platform, but misses (1+)
11: Toriah(Protection from Evil) moves 80' towards the Salamander
10: Lylamwyn (Haste, Shield) casts Dimension Door, moving himself and Belaver inbetween Lareth and the bronze doors
10: Lylamwyn’s Hammer of Moradin attacks the cultist on the platform, but misses (11+ vs. ac 23)
9: Brown Bear (+4 str, +4 con): moves 80' towards Lareth
9: Belaver (Brown Bear, Barkskin +3 ac, Haste) full attacks Lareth the Beautiful (full attack: claw 9+17=26 hit, claw 15+17=32 hit, hasted claw 12+17=29 hit, bite 18+12=30 hit, dmg 49, grapple check 15+19 vs. 8+11, Lareth is grappled)
9: Belaver’s Hammer of Moradin continues to smash the bronze doors
9: Neshi (Barkskin +3 ac): moves 80' towards Lareth
6: Craven (Haste, Bulls Strength) moves 80' towards the Salamander
4: Raner (cursed: -4 to attack rolls, saves, ability checks, Haste) moves 40' into the room
4: Raner’s Hammer of Moradin attacks the femal cultist (2+ miss)


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