Media Enter The Nerdom talks D&D history, mechanics, and TTRPGs in general


I had the honor of chatting with the hosts of Enter The Nerdom about the history, editions, movies, and more surrounding Dungeons & Dragons (and TTRPGs, in general) recently. By the end of the convo, we decided we're going to do an actual play episode (or two, depending on how long the adventure goes!). We'll be using Knave (Ben Milton) for the system and Puzzle Dungeon: Seers Sanctum (Directsun Games) for the adventure.

Listen to the podcast at all your favorite podcast sites or here.

I'll be posting some behind-the-screen stuff, including some character sheets, Knave hacks, and more about the actual play experience over the coming week(s) over at my site.

If you enjoy the hosts -- I find them to be a hilarious group! -- listen, subscribe, and rate Enter The Nerdom wherever you listen to podcasts! They are a great group, and they are doing a fantastic job getting cool guests to speak about various "nerdy" subcultures like anime, wrestling, joining the 501st Legion (Star Wars), and much more.

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