D&D General Which D&D-related You Tube channels do you find worth watching? (+)

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Heh I remember him from the 3.0 wotc boards.

I've watched a few of his videos but not a regular as such.
I started watching Treantmonk for the playtest. For each UA he does the hard work of evaluating the balance and usefulness of each feature.

Sometimes a feature depends on taste. Because his evaluations are thoughtful and well-explained, his considerations are always helpful to take into account.

He also does big assessments, like rank every species/race from most powerful to least powerful.

It delights me that he cares about balancing spells. I hugely care, the 2024 spells in each slot balance alongside each other.


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I second William SRD and Pointy Hat. Pointy Hat's main thing is giving a new and interesting twist on old ideas, monsters, and classes. He also gives out rules and art based on his ideas free of charge. I don't play 5th myself, so I can't say how good the rules implementation is, but his ideas are always fun to listen to. Here's one of my favorites of his:

Thanks for this, gonna check it out as I prep a mimic for the first time in my 40 years of running D&D and wanted it to be a little different than expected (not just a monster that is a trap). Maybe this video will give me some ideas.

Edit to add: Not sure I like the style of video, but his mention of intelligent mimics is exactly the direction I planned to go, finding the dropping of the mimic that can talk from the earlier editions to be a sad loss. I vaguely remember an intelligent mimic used to good effect in one of the old Endless Quest books.

Oh and the DC to escape their adhesion is too low. As usual, as with most 5E monsters, I won't be satisfied until I rebuild it from the ground up. o_O
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@Deficient Master havent seen him mentioned yet, but its good "infotainment".

Dungeon Masterpiece Baron de Ropp, on top of being a pretty cool dude, has a really cool perspective and awesome info.

Runehammer Creator of Crown and Skull, ICRPG, etc. Hankerin is a creative force in design as well as GM perspectives.

Wizards and Wordslingers GM Jim is another go to on my list. His series on "rules to steal" from various other games is really great.

Ed Greenwood because, well it's Ed Greenwood!

These are some of my favorites that haven't been mentioned yet. My pal Mike Shea is certainly on my list of watched channels as well!
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My favorite is the DMs lair (Luke Hart): https://www.youtube.com/@theDMLair I'm surprised I didn't see him mentioned

Most of the others that I like were mentioned at least once but some others which are good that I watch :

Some Honorable mentions is Zipperon Disney but he hasn't had new content in six month. Dungeon Coach. All about homebrewing stuff. I don't watch often but he takes a lot of care in his homebrew ideas.

On a side note not only do I watch Sly Flourish, I used to read his blog religiously like 15 years ago as well

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