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D&D General Which D&D-related You Tube channels do you find worth watching? (+)

This channel isn't directly tied to D&D or ttrpgs, but I do think is very useful and entertaining. Tasting History with Max Miller is about the history of food, and cooking recipes from the past. Food is a topic that can really tell you a lot about cultures from different parts of the world at different time periods. It can give you another tool to describe a place and people in your games. Here's two that are particularly interesting from a D&D perspective, as pemican would be an important part of trail rations. The first describes the process of making it, the second about how people cooked with it.

He also has a duo of videos about hardtack that are worth watching, and I just love all his vids. Combining intellectual curiosity with cooking was just made for me.

Videos about HEMA are also interesting and useful for games. scholagladiatoria is a very knowledgable channel about HEMA and ancient weapons, though can be ocasionally dry. skallagrim is a more geeky and entertaining take on the topic. He's still knowledgable on the topic, he's just more focused on being entertaining. adorea olomouc takes accurate fighting techniques and films fight scenes that blend realism with entertainment. It will give you a better idea about what melee combat could look like than hollywood will. I come from the school of thought that realism shouldn't limit what you do in fantasy, give me over the top anime bull**** at high levels all day, but I do think knowing what realism looks like is still useful. Here's one of their better vids.


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Critical role
The comic book roleplaying news/reviews- I often disagree but it’s good content
Dungeon dudes

Seth skorkowsky-he’s most talking Cthulhu but he sometimes references d&d and I recommend his dm tips

D&d shorts- beard and hat. A little over the top but he’s passionate and he’s fun
I'm amazed it took 5 pages that Seth Skorkowsky was mentioned :cool: His advice is on spot and his format is much more organic than what most Youtubers put out.


One that hasn't been mentioned here that I've been watching recently is "Daddy Rolled a 1". He's newer to the space. I think he's only been producing videos for the last year or so. He mostly does D&D history. Most videos focus on one book or supplement and he thumbs through it, and talks about it, and the history around it.

He just put out a video yesterday about Braunstein and his experience getting to play one. They are pretty chill, laid back videos. I listen to them at work.



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