EPIC4-1 Shooting the Moon (Free L24 Adventure)


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The 4th LFR Epic Adventure (for level 24 characters) has been released, and can be downloaded from livingforgottenrealms.com

EPIC4-1 Shooting the Moon
by Dan Anderson, Tom Dale, and Keith Richmond
Devious plots have greatly weakened the Seldarine and nearly destroyed Arvandor and the Demonweb. Can you intervene before these machinations plunge Faerun into havoc, ruin, desolation, and devastation? A three-round continuous-play Living Forgotten Realms Epic Campaign adventure for 24th-level characters. This adventure is a direct sequel to EPIC3-3 The Tangled Skein of Destiny and marks the beginning of the second season of the LFR Epic Campaign. We recommend that you allow 12-15 hours of playing time in order to complete this adventure.

Some previous adventures may have important relevant information, such as
CORE2-11 Sign of Four

and the previous three epic adventures:
EPIC3-1 The Glorious Hunt
EPIC3-2 Cracks in the Crimson Cage
EPIC3-3 Tangled Skein of Destiny

As always, I'm happy to answer any questions anyone might have about the adventure. I encourage folks to use it even outside of LFR as a mine for ideas, encounters, stat blocks, or whatever. We do a lot of new and interesting things in every epic and it's a free download, so pillage away and have some fun.

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For clarification, this adventure was designed to run in a convention environment. So, yes, there are some rails, and some situations that could be hours of roleplaying may have provisions for resolving far more rapidly.

If you have the luxury of playing this at home, especially with a group that you know, I heartily encourage you to take the extra time. Figure out who their old friends are, describe the followers they recruit, let them figure out tactics for leading those followers into battle and describe expending resources to save folks from imminent death ;)


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Thanks for the heads up, man. The more Epic material the better, especially since my parties are edging 20 (and, through various homebrew stuff are more on a power scale of level 22). I'll definitely check them out.


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I'll be running this at Total Confusion in Mansfield, MA on Friday Feb 24 (in a week and a half) - just got it added to the schedule a couple days ago, so there's still seats. TotalCon 2012 : Gaming Schedule : Friday, Feb 24 2012

Technically, if everyone at the table would prefer it, I could run EPIC3-3 instead (I have 4-1's maps and minis already ready from DDXP, but hey, if folks haven't had a chance to play 3-3 so don't want to play 4-1 yet, I'd be happy to help out)

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