EPIC4-2 Age of Ruin (Free L25 Adventure)


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EPIC4-2 Age of Ruin is available for download on livingforgottenrealms.com!

It is highly suggested that players experience EPIC4-1 (and the rest of the series!) before playing this adventure. If you have not yet played EPIC4-1 to its conclusion, consider this entire thread full of spoilers and read no further!

EPIC4-2 Age of Ruin
by Bruce Higa, Joshua Randall, Keith Richmond, and Mickey Tan
Catastrophic events have transpired during your absence, and Faerûn lies in ruins. In a world covered in darkness that even the gods have forsaken, can you provide a shred of hope to the few survivors, or will you too succumb to despair? A three-round continuous-play Living Forgotten Realms Epic Campaign adventure for 25th-level characters. This adventure is a direct sequel to EPIC4-1 Shooting the Moon. We recommend that you allow 12-15 hours of playing time in order to complete this adventure.

This is the fifth in a series of free adventures:
EPIC3-1 The Glorious Hunt
EPIC3-2 Cracks in the Crimson Cage
EPIC3-3 Tangled Skein of Destiny
EPIC4-1 Shooting the Moon

As always, I'm happy to answer any questions anyone might have about the adventure. I encourage folks to use it even outside of LFR as a mine for ideas, encounters, stat blocks, or whatever. We do a lot of new and interesting things in every epic and it's a free download, so pillage away and have some fun.

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Scrivener of Doom


Thanks for posting this. I've enjoyed reading all of the other Epic LFR adventures. They're certainly better - and far more epic in scope - that the three released by WotC.

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