WotBS Erdan Menash's Emporium


@emeraldbeacon is one of my players and is now running their own game of WotBS. The players are going to meet Erdan Menash in the next session, and the DM is looking for ideas of what horrible wonderful items might be available. Bonus points if you actually used the item in one of your games. Also, one of the players is interested in the eagle/dragon myth, so an item that ties into that (maybe a breastplate) would be good.

In my game, my players walked away with:
  • whips that looked liked snakes
  • a hand crossbow that looked like a scorpion with the stinger as the bolt
  • a breastplate with a rhino horn jutting out of it
  • and everything in green and purple, because branding is important
For the myth-related item, possibilities include:
  • a breastplate with a leather-embossed, muscle-shaped heart over the wearer's heart with feather lining that sticks out of the edges
  • an eagle- or dragon-head-shaped helmet covered in feathers or scales; the scales are wyvern, the feathers are green parrot
  • really, anything with feathers (green and purple!) or scales

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He was a number of years too early, but I feel like Erdan Menash's style would fit nicely in the subreddit "Awful Taste But Great Execution":

If you want a tacky myth-related item, you could have a helmet with an eagle head over the nose and wing designs for the side of the head, and then a leather cowl designed to look like a red-scaled dragon, that dangles behind the wearer's head and across their shoulders. It's supposed to look like a dragon chasing an eagle.


I went along the lines of overly designed children's items myself. I remember a couple of them. The first, a sword where the pommel was a frog's head, the blade a tongue. There was also a backpack that looked like a frog head, so that you opened its mouth to put anything inside (Apparently had frog's on the brain).


If I remember correctly, my players got:

A Set of Bedrolls that look like bears.(kinda had the idea from a simpsons episode where they kill bisons :D )
Another got a spear where at the top there was a Swordfishlike blade.
One went with a robe in the colors of Menashs mansion.
One got a backpack that looked like a blobfish.

there were more but I cant really remember them anymore since it was over a year ago =/

Bill T.

Nelle has a sculpture of a dragon and an eagle chasing each other in a circle. That'd work with the theme nicely and foreshadow their visit to her shrine at the mouth of the white river. I keep thinking it should be a magical wreath (worn on the head), but since it's only supposed to be worth 300 gp or so, it's hard to imagine what use a wreath would have to the party.


In the end, the heroes left with:
  • Studded leather armor, in the shape of an enormous Pug face
  • Splint mail made to look like tree trunks, with the pauldrons and neck guard styled like leaves
  • A breast plate, finely inlaid with metal, depicting a potbellied pig
  • Another breastplate, with a surprisingly tasteful depiction of the Eagle/Dragon myth, in a yin-yang sort of circular design.

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