Ever see a Strengh 18/00 rolled legitimately?

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Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
in 1984 ( 27 years ago?! yikes!!) I rolled an 18/00 for a fighter legitamately. since then the closes is an 18/96 in 1986. Then I never could do it again. *sigh*


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I see the big deal about rolling the 18/00 for the first few levels, but since the first STR booster item was Gauntlets of Ogre Power also STR 18/00, I always did assume this was intended to level the field later on. While its true there were no guarantees on getting any specific item back in the day, when the lowest booster bumps you up to human maximum, that is a fairly big nudge, nudge, wink-wink ;) .


Second Most Angelic Devil Ever
I was in a Dark Sun campaign with only two players. The DM had us make up our own character classes (from the 2E DMG, I think). We rolled 3d6 in order. In front of both of us, the other player rolled an 18/00 Strength and an 18 Intelligence. Then he rolled 00 to give his character psionics. That was a badass fighter/wizard/psionicist.

I played an illusionist/thief with a 16 in Dexterity. I think my Strength was 7. :erm:

Achan hiArusa

I think I count 33 legitimate 18/00, so that means there should be 712,800 characters out there without it (just using statistics).

My brother who was really lucky with the dice did it, he also rolled maximum human size and weight using the alternate rules in the DMG. So he was almost 8 foot tall and over 400 lbs. Just enough to not take size L damage from weapons. He named him Hercules.

Jeff Wilder

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I saw 18/00 rolled once. Of course, I saw 18/00 on character sheets several times ...

(Best I ever did was 18/92, unless you count my half-ogre PC. Half-ogres got a big bonus -- forget what it was -- on the d% roll.)

I did once roll 00 for psionics, though.


I rolled a 98 for my first ever AD&D character. That's the highest score I've seem and I watched hundreds of characters being rolled in front of me.


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I saw it twice in AD&D.

one time the character had 3 hit points. I'm not sure about the other one.

neither lived that long actually. false sense of invulnerability by the player and fairly bloody campaigns.


Never seen one rolled in 30 years, best probably something like 18/96.

Seen dozens on character sheets, pre-gens and the like.


the Jester

Once, in 2e. The players was ecstatic.

Then the party entered a dungeon. He took point, relying on his infravision to spot dangers. Come a room temperature danger and he died without ever striking a blow!


Seen it twice. Once was my 3rd ever character Noffham. A big, bluff, fun-loving fighter on the model of Fafhrd.

Then one DM had a trapped room with a machine that changed alll your stats to the average of what you rolled. So he ended up with all stats at 12. That's the day I retired him. :(


Yes I have seen it rolled in 1e and have done it my self...

I also rolled for Psionics in 1e and got ALL 100's...what are the odds of that!!

Mark Hope

Once. I did it on my second AD&D character ever (a paladin) back in 1984, in front of the DM. Only played the character a few times over the years, though. Think I retired him around level 8 or something.

I once saw my sister roll 18, 18, 18, 17, 16, 16 for an assassin she was playing. Totally outrageous. She only played the character for a bit, though, claiming it was "boring", heh :)


I did it once. The character made it to fifth level, and was crit by a goblin chucking a spear center mass. So much for that character.

I also had a fighter with an 18/94 at ninth level and he was teleported with the wizard in to solid rock. Maybe my favorite character ever.

Yeah at my boarding school were 3 or so of us played DnD all the time we had pretty much every guy in our year (plus others) try it out for a bit. The biggest guy in our year, a monster of a rugby player, rolled 18-00... very appropriate ;)

He only played a couple of times.


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Never saw one, and we had some "generous" rules. 4d6 drop low, arrange, make PCs until you got an 18, two 17s or three 16s+. Our PC generation sessions saw such witty banter as; "I just rolled up a baker!" and "you just rolled up the town drunk."

Sometime we rolled up entire villages before we ended up with PCs.

25 years later my son "rolled" up a party of 4 PCs. No stat among the 4 less than 12, every PC with an 18 except the guy with two 17s. I told him I knew he was cheating. He denied it. I pulled out my ancient binder of PCs and showed the characters I "rolled" when I was 12... We bonded. :D


Diamond Cross

Three different times in about four years of play witnessed by the entire group because we all decided to roll stats in front of everybody to prevent cheating.


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It just occurred to me that 18/00s were kept artificially low to a certain extent- only warriors made that roll. And, as I recall, certain races and even genders couldn't roll for extraordinary strength, either.

Wednesday Boy

The Nerd WhoFell to Earth
(Best I ever did was 18/92, unless you count my half-ogre PC. Half-ogres got a big bonus -- forget what it was -- on the d% roll.)

In 2nd Ed. half-ogres strength was 1d6+13 with a 6 treated as 18(00) strength and on a 5 rolled normally for extraordinary strength. That's the only way I legitimately had a 18(00) strength character.

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