Ever see a Strengh 18/00 rolled legitimately?


I did it. In 2009 we were playing 2e. I had just handed the DM reigns to my wife and was rolling my character in front of evryone. I said out loud before I rolled " Now I just have to roll 100". I couldn't believe my eyes.

I have played two characters with this score but I was not the roller of the other and was not present for the rolling.

Incidentally, the character I actually rolled, was competeing in an obstacle course against mages. One obstacle was a Wall of Ice per the spell. I couldn't climb it or leap over it. So I asked if I could lift it. After a little cajoling I persuaded the DM to allow me a chance. She said ok you have a 2% chance of lifting it. I rolled a 1.:lol: I came in second without using magic. I got a medal for that one.

Percentile dice seem to have a 100% probability of suprising me.
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Once legitimately. My freshman year playing 2e when the guys got together to roll up characters, the guy playing the fighter rolls "00" legit first time. Never seen a legit one before or since.


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I had a DM way back in the first days - 1e... He rolled my % for the stat and came up with 100. It was my only character to have that by dice rolls. Then again, I never used it. I got squashed by an anchor fighting sea creatures.:blush:


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When I was a young Monte Hall DM (8th grade, 1978, give me a break) I decided that i wanted to run crazy game. I ran Barrier Peaks and they got a ton of Monte Haul huge treasure.

Then a new guy joined. I swear I did watched him go 18/00 and then 17, 16, 5, 4, 4. He kept it. Then they went into the killer of all dungeons.

DMing the Tomb of Horrors, the players... well....

If you listen quietly, you can still hear their screams....
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Ever see a Strengh 18/00 rolled legitimately?

He decided he wanted to be an elven fighter. And he started rolling stats. After allocating them, it was something like Str 18, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 13, Wis 13 Cha 13 or something ridiculous like that.
Never seen it since.

It depends what you mean by legit? What the GM allows? 4d6 keep best 3?
If it was strictly by the book old school rolling (from memory, here) mind, you didn't allocate - you rolled 3d6 for each stat in order and that was it. So you only got one shot rolling an 18 for strength . So 1 in 216 x 1 in 100 gives you 1 character in 21,600 who has alegit 18/00 for strength.

I saw an 18/00 in a one shot, once, and that was with 4d6 keep best three and then allocate. In campaign play the best I ever saw was an 18/97. And that was 4d6 keep best 3, then allocate, and the GM let you roll again if you rolled up a crap (or boring) character. Suffice to say, these allowance significantly increase the odds of you rolling a character with 18/00!
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Then we explained the percentage strength thing, and he rolled his strength - 00. I remember he was really upset, and begged for a re-roll, because he thought his character was gonna be super weak.

It would take a particularly evil DM to tell him, "Sure, you can reroll."

A DM like me....:devil:

However, back in 1E the group had a wizard who managed to roll an 18 Strength (and an 18 Int too; we used the method out of the back of UA). Just for yucks, I had him roll percentile. He got an 18/56 and begged me to keep it. Figuring he'd never get the chance to use it (he was a wizard), I let him keep it. It never really had an affect on the game except once - at about 5th level, when caught in a duel with another wizard and low on spells, he reached over and slugged the enemy wizard. Guess the guy had a glass jaw, cause it not only disrupted the spell, it put his lights out.

His remark? "Now that's how you cast a proper sleep spell, buddy."

This sort of thing is why I let players roll for their stats, though it works best when you use 3d6 or a method where they have to roll in order.

If I remember correctly, an 18/00 gave a +3 to hit, +6 damage.

Checks PHB...

Yup, at least in 1E. I don't have a copy of the 2E PHB anymore.

I'm pretty sure it was the same in 2e. The break point for the rolls too.

I've never had an 18, let alone an 18/00. I've seen a couple of 18s on other people's character sheets.

Yeah, probably as in a couple of 18s on the same sheet, right? :]


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Once, though it was in baldur's gate 2. I was rolling up a dwarf wizard slayer character, and 18/00 just appeared on my screen! The total wasn't very good, but I could still get max str/dex/con and have 10 in mental stats, so I accepted it (especially since he couldn't magic gear).


Never. Seen a lot on character sheets, but the thill of actually see one getting rolled.... I'm saving that one for a rainy day :)


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I rolled it once. Everybody was joking/rolling while the DM was in the bathroom.

On my turn I rolled 18/00.

As it was my first roll and we had four witness, DM allowed me to keep it.

In a couple of months we migrated to 3.0, tho :)


Yeah, my friend Upper_Krust's PC, Thrin. Made it from 3rd level Cavalier to Lesser God with 117 levels and is still a feature of my main game-world.


I've rolled an 18/00 strength. Once.
That particular combination will come up one time in twenty thousand rolls, approximately, so it's not at all unheard of.

I routinely had characters with an array of stats all of which were twelve or higher; typically with seventeens and sixteens in there. I've never had one where there was more than one eighteen, though.


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Not legit.

The closest I got was back in High School (83ish). I was home sick, bored so I started rolling dice.

I was rolling percentile. I rolled a 00 and decided to roll up a character. 4d6 drop the lowest, no other re-rolls, but assign as you see fit. Sure enough, one roll was an 18.

I knew my DM would not believe me, so I told him exactly how I did it. He let me keep it (nice guy, I let him be the best man in my wedding years later).

The character turned out to be a Dwarven Gladiator (from a Dragon Mag NPC article I think).

I have never seen it done either.


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I think probably twice - it's hard to be sure after so long, it might actually be one or more times beyond that. But it was pretty rare.

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