Evil protagonists from fiction - or 'Examples of how to play the bad guy without being a total jerk'

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From my perspective, both of them are real jerks (to use the thread title descriptor and not my preferred choice). Especially the former.

At different points they can be, certainly. They go through phases for sure. But they cooperate quite a lot with both each other and with other folks.

Some of whom they eventually betray, but hey, if I had a game with those two as PCs I'd call it a huge success.


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Again; antagonist.

We want protagonists.

Think Carol from TWD when she goes full evil.
Dr Doom is the Protagonist, he’s the Hero of Latveria who those fools with Reed continue to torment. He’s lead his own books


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Léon (The Professional): LE

An emotionally disconnected French assassin who values few things: his professional reputation & skills, his houseplant, and the 12 year old girl he teaches his skills. She becomes the most important thing in his life. Eventually, he rescues her when she “goes rogue” trying to kill the corrupt DEA agent who orphaned her..and completes her mission.


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Kull would be another possible candidate, I think. It's been a while since I've read the stories, but I don't remember him having quite the heroic streak that Conan does.
Kulls brooding and cerebral, but I wouldnt say he’s evil.
Unlike Conan, where we follow his whole career, readers only experience Kull as King; he is an unproven, world weary barbarian who has taken power in a fading, decadent kingdom where he can trust no one. His actions are perfectly rational given the murderous deceptions and evils he faces in Valusia
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