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You loved the Travel the Rifts Sale, now go even bigger and Explore the Megaverse! The Minion War is not only shaking things up on Rifts Earth but it is wreaking havoc on Phase World® and across the Megaverse®. Or explore alternate Earth settings, many with their own Great Cataclysm (the Zombie Apocalypse, rise of genetic mutant animals, the rise of the machines, alien invasion, Minion War Armageddon, etc.). Or because the dark magic and escapades of the Hell-spawned are causing dimensional anomalies across the universe and creating alternate realities, allowing people to accidentally cross over from one world into another.

This is your chance to bring heroes, villains, and monsters from other worlds into your Rifts® campaign or to whisk your existing heroes to distant worlds and alternative dimensions across the Megaverse. As the dimensional fabric is twisted and dark magic distorts reality, and demonic hordes from Hell invade, endless possibilities for game play arise. Making it time to unleash those magnificent imaginations of yours to cross genres and explore new worlds like never before. These sale items should help you do just that. The possibilities are endless.

  • After the Bomb® RPG – Create any intelligent, bipedal, mutant animals from pigeons and turtles to tigers and elephants for use in any super-hero or science fiction setting, the post-apocalyptic setting of AtB, Rifts®, Chaos Earth®, Phase World® ... anywhere! 100+ mutant animal stats are included with mutant animal creation rules to mutate ANY animal, plus 52 Mutant Animal Powers, 33 Mutant Animal Psionic Powers, new animal Chimeras, and maybe use Heroes Unlimited to give your mutants a couple of minor super abilities (or one major power) to make them even more than human. Written by Erick Wujcik.
  • AtB: Mutants in Avalon – 18 mutant animals of England, 7 mutant bugs, Druids, tech and societies, the return of King Arthur (?!), and more.
  • AtB: Mutants in Orbit – Designed as a sourcebook for Rifts® and After the Bomb®, it presents A.R.C.H.I.E. 7, giant mutant bugs, killer satellites, life on space stations, moon base, mars base, KLS Corp. and Cyberworks, robots, and more. How is the Minion War affecting these survivors of the Great Cataclysm? Are they prepared for supernatural enemies on a large scale? Can they help people on Earth?
  • Dead Reign® RPG – An alternate Earth where the Great Cataclysm is the Zombie Apocalypse and the risen dead hunt the living for their P.P.E./life energy. 7 unique types of zombies, the danger of the zombie moan, ordinary people, six distinct Survivor O.C.C.s, everything you need to know about the walking dead, and the fundamentals of surviving in a world where the dead reign.
  • DR: Graveyard Earth sourcebook – A world overview of the Zombie Apocalypse and tons of adventure ideas.
  • Heroes Unlimited™ RPG – 101 super abilities plus a multitude of sub-powers within them, bonuses and special combat capabilities, 100+ magic spells, enchanted weapons and objects that instill super abilities, Mega-Heroes and immortals, aliens, mutant experiments, super soldiers, cyborgs, robots, and more. Create any type of hero you can imagine.
  • HU2: Aliens Unlimited® Galaxy Guide – Planet creation rules, 10+ worlds, dozens of alien people and monsters, weapons, armor, spaceships, space magic, space survival rules, super-abilities for outer space, rules for creating spaceships and more! Perfect for introducing new D-Bees to Rifts Earth and aliens and alien worlds to Phase World® and the Three Galaxies, or as new worlds to explore in any setting. How far will the Minion War stretch? You decide.
  • HU2: Armageddon Unlimited (Minion War™) – Has the Minion War come to our own Earth or an alternate Earth dimension? 15 new Major super abilities, 7 new Minor abilities, 15 magic weapons, three demon-slayer based hero categories, 10+ NPCs, the evil Doctor Vilde, and adventures that challenge your heroes to prevent Armageddon on this planet Earth. (And your own?)
  • HU2: Gramercy Island™ – 98 super-villains, 101 adventure ideas, Gramercy Island penitentiary mapped and described, plus weapons, armor, gadgets and more in this big book of villains and the super being prison, Gramercy Island.
  • Mystic China (for N&S and HU2) – Dive deep into the magic and mystical powers of martial artists, mages, immortals, and demons. The secrets of Chi, Chi Magic, Celestial Calligraphy, Chinese alchemy, the Mudra, 19 demons, 30 additional martial arts and more! Written by Erick Wujcik. Easy to adapt to Rifts® China and Phase World®.
  • Mechanoid Invasion® Trilogy RPG – Dystopian science fiction at its best. This is the very first RPG (1981) published by Palladium Books, about planet devouring villains from outer space. It was originally released as three small comic books or chapters. Each a different generation and a different fight, but they are all collected into this one book. Written and illustrated by Kevin Siembieda, with Erick Wujcik and Bill Loebs contributing.
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG® – Fantasy adventure, sorcerers, knights, Elves and so much more, like Wolfen, Changelings, and all manner of human and non-human player characters in a unique world setting. 336 pages.
  • PFRPG: Chaos Lands – 11 dying races, 11 monsters, 14 demonic minions of darkness, Monster Generator tables, facing extreme cold rules, Great Northern Mountains, the Great Rift (your bridge to the Minion War™), 200+ adventure hooks, and more!
  • PFRPG: Eternal Torment – 14 Chaos Beasts, 15 undead monsters, werebeasts, evil Faeries, 101 adventure ideas and more.
  • Splicers® RPG – Is it Earth or an alien colony world that has been usurped by the insane A.I. Nexus? Think Guyver meets the Terminator only wilder. Could this be an alternate Earth where the Great Cataclysm was the rise of the machines and the near destruction of humankind? Gene-Spliced living weapons, armor, war steeds, and human courage and ingenuity is all that stands between you and extinction by the metal claws of the Machine.
  • Rifts® World Book 21: Splynn Dimensional Market™ – More wonders, magic, weapons, slaves, symbiotes, and secrets of the Splugorth’s Atlantis. Splynn, where it is rumored that you can buy anything if you are willing to pay the price. And it is a place where you can book passage to other places in the Megaverse.
  • Rifts® Conversion Book One – Conversions for characters and monsters from Heroes Unlimited and Palladium Fantasy RPG®; 100+ monsters and 40+ player races, plus conversion rules, culture shock and more. A fan fave with more than 100,000 copies sold.
    • Rifts® Conversion Book Two: Pantheons of the Megaverse® – 150+ deities, Demigods, Godlings, and god-pretenders, the Megaversal Legion, many adventure ideas. Any of which can create trouble and adventure or be tied to the Minion War™. This is another fan fave title.
    • Rifts® Conversion Book Three: Dark Conversions – Demons, vampires, and supernatural menaces, plus Elemental beings, the Shifter and Witch revisited, adventure ideas, and more.
    • Rifts® Dimension Book: Phase World® – 30 alien O.C.C.s, rules for creating alien races, plus monsters, weapons, armor, spaceships, Phase technology, an overview of Phase World® and Center, the intergalactic trading post with portals to thousands of worlds, Cosmo-Knights, character sheets, and more.
    • Rifts® Dimension Book: Phase World® Sourcebook – 12+ alien O.C.C.s, the Trans-Galactic Empire, the Invincible Guardsmen, United Worlds of Warlock, and more weapons, power armor, and spaceships.
    • Rifts® Dimension Book: Dimensional Outbreak (the Minion War™ on Phase World®) – Center described, with an in-depth look at Phase World® as the demon and Deevil hordes search for the Cosmic Forge and seek to use Phase World as a means to sweep across the Megaverse®. The Forge War, the battle for Center, the Demon Fleet, Demon Planets, Deevil Forces, Phase Demons, Star Slayers, Demon Knights, Deevil Lords, magic weapons, soul gems and more. Stop the expansion of the Minion War!
    • Rifts® Dimension Book: Megaverse® Builder – Learn about the fabric of the universe, alternate worlds and dimensional travel. Create your own corners of the Megaverse after learning how dimensions and dimensional travel work, dimension creation rules, dimensional storms, the Shifter revisited, alien familiars, the Artifact Hunter, some examples of weird worlds/dimensions, adventure ideas, and more.
    • Rifts® Dimension Book: Naruni Wave 2 – A toy box of advanced alien weapons and armor: 32 weapons, 11 body armors, 25 power armors, vehicles, robots, the Naruni, and more.
    • The Rifter® #80 – Chaos Earth® Nebraska and monsters, New Splicers® House of the Red Sands and creatures; Palladium Fantasy® Wayfarers, and more.
    • The Rifter® #81 – Chaos Earth® Nebraska O.C.C.s, a new D-Bee, and Villains; Palladium Fantasy® Gnomes and a Wolfen-Vampire adventure (many NPCs); G.M. advice, and more.
    • The Rifter® #82 – Chaos Earth® Nebraska Pyromancer O.C.C., 50+ new Pyromancy spells; Nightbane® age tables, and more.
    • The Rifter® #83 – Treasures of the Megaverse®; Palladium Fantasy® Half-Ogres and Prophet O.C.C., Heroes Unlimited and more.

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