Coming Explore the Mystical and Historical in 'Grimoires of the Unseen': A New TTRPG Experience

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First Post
Hello ENWorld users! I’m Josh Bills, an independent TTRPG developer crafting a unique game set amidst the gothic landscapes of 14th-century Europe, "Grimoires of the Unseen." It's a world where historical accuracy meets the darkest European folklore.

Project Overview:
  • Setting: The eerie borderlands of France and Germany, early 14th century.
  • Theme: A rich blend of historical facts and European mystical folklore.
  • Gameplay: Players engage in supernatural investigations, artifact recovery, and foiling dark plots.
Current Progress:
  • Game mechanics, storyline, and character systems nearly finalized.
  • Actively seeking artists for immersive illustrations.
  • Organizing detailed playtesting phases.
  • Craft a visually and narratively rich TTRPG.
  • Grow a community presence, both online and at conventions.
  • Expand with GM tools and further adventures.
Seeking Your Input:
  1. Feedback: Does "Grimoires of the Unseen" intrigue you?
  2. Collaboration: Open to connections with creatives and industry professionals.
  3. Mentorship: Looking for guidance from experienced TTRPG developers.
  4. Resources: Searching for development resources and promotional platforms.
Check out the Facebook page for a glimpse into the game's ambiance and potential.
Let's Discuss: Do you see a place for "Grimoires of the Unseen" in the TTRPG landscape?

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