D&D 5E Faded Ink / Smudging Ink in PHB

Does your PHB have faded ink or does the ink smudge?


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Hi all,

Just noticed a thread on reddit, and was wondering if people here were noticing the same thing?

That is - faded pages (like the toner was running out) or smudging ink in the PHB

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Yeah. Two small dot-like smudges on the first page of the druid entry. Not too big a deal, I'll get another "shelf copy" later that I'll go over with a fine-tooth comb.


I have about 1/3 page (right-hand side of 259, Mending-Mind Blank) with the very odd trait that the bottom of nearly every line of black text is faded out, but nothing else is, and that is totally not how non-inkjet modern printers work, so I have no idea what I'm seeing.


Noticed one page in the Barbarian class that is smudged a little, not enough to be a big problem. I just figured it raged on the printer.


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Didn't actually buy it. But the one I looked through at my local hobby store had several pages with faded ink, especially throughout the spell descriptions. There were about 5 others left on the shelf, but those I looked at had damaged exteriors in the form of scratches on the covers. In the case of the scratches on the back cover, the black matte finish was completely scratched away in places. So I didn't bother looking inside of those.

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