Failed Homuculus For Sale.



On the board, a fresh white piece of parchment wavers in the wind.

Alchemical mistake resulted in homuculus possesed by minor demon. Has no use as normal homuculus ( has vicious electrical attack with matching temper); useful as wizarding curiousity, teaching aid, or conversation piece.
Price: 500 gp or best offer.

Below the writing is a finely drawn picture of a thick jar filled with light steam. Inside a tiny electric blue humanoid figure has slammed itself into the side of the jar, a minuature hand formed in a rude gesture.

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Agudo Archmage

A fanciful note has been left, with golden edge lace about it.

Greetings and well met!

I am Agudo the Headmaster of the humbly named Agudo school of Light and Magic.
My Clerical class would be most interested in having such a creature.
This pesky demon would be used for the 101 class, of vanquishing evil spirits.

My offer is eight hundred silver coins, (or) two enchanted Unicorn Spears that give the holder immunity to Hold and Charm spells.

Please a reply as soon as possible, for the new school classes starts next month.

Your Servant in the Light




A second note has been placed above the first, this one showing a couple scorch marks.

Very well, I accept the monentary amount of 800 silver coins. The box below holds the wretched thing; it has been enchanted to open for you when the silver is placed in the smaller side box. I also thank you heartily for taking the thing away; just as I was writing this, it broke free and I had quite a time subduing it. It will provide quite a lesson for the students.

At the base of the wall, below the board, a small steel box with a smaller copper box attached rests.


Agudo Archmage

A blue and white robe mage approaches the boards, with a lovely snow owl on his shoulder.
He smiles at the sight of his lattes perches.

“Ahh I can see this shall be a most educational experience as well as fun time just getting this little devil home.”

Agudo waves his hand and a plump violet silk bag magically appears.
It floats next to the advertisement with several magical wards on it.
Only accessible by Scaer_Vieliss the proprietor of the sale.
It is full of the silver coins, minted in the far off city of Baldur’s Gate that was promised in the bargain.

A second note by the wizard sits by the last.

Thank you good sir, and if you have any more such mistakes just let me know.
Here is direction to my school on the Sword Coast, just a day or two south of port Baldur’s Gate; and north about the same distance as the library CandleKeep.


Headmaster Agudo

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