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Fantasy Flight Growth Chart from GAMA


Chaotic Looseleaf
Many companies at GAMA hold presentations. Most of them tell industry peers about upcoming plans and about sales and other figures for the last year. Fantasy Flight Games is no exception, and they showed a graph of some phenomenal recent growth, no doubt partly buoyed by great licenses including Star Wars, and boardgames for properties like Battlestar Galactica, World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, and - of course, Warhammer RPGs of various flavours. The graph only goes up to 2014, though is cites 65% US growth and 35% growth outside the US, with really steep growth appearing to kick in somewhere around 2010.

(Photo from @WatchItPlayed)


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The uneven spacing of the horizontal bars actually suggests that the Y axis is not evenly distributed. I don't deny that their sales are increasing; I do think this graph is visually deceiving, however.


It's not a peeve to ask for charts that are more informative than the bare minimum.

I'm not surprised FFG removed actual numbers from their sales reports. So many companies in the game industry are secretive about their actual revenue if they don't have to report to public shareholders.

I think what's most telling is that they were on a growth curve prior to 2011. However, after gaining the Star Wars license in 2011, that curve went ballistic.


+1 internets to RangerWickett and ronaldsf. The chart is like a bad photoshop job in which the bendy door-frames are showing.

Dog Moon

Well, I don't think FFG even needed to create a chart. They don't really need to try to prove anything to the rest of us. The entire page could have said "How are we doing? - Good" without giving us any additional information. They didn't have to do ANYTHING, so we should just look at the chart and go "Cool, glad they're doing good" and be happy with what they gave us.

Wait....I'm just mildly shocked that FFG was around in 1995. What were they doing back then? I thought they were one of the D20 start-ups when 3E came out.

Xavian Starsider

First Post
Wait....I'm just mildly shocked that FFG was around in 1995. What were they doing back then? I thought they were one of the D20 start-ups when 3E came out.

According to Wikipedia, their first product (released in 1998) was a strategy board game called Twilight Imperium (currently in its 3rd edition)


Sheesh people. The graph is evenly spaced and looks fine. It's showing either gross sales or profits (there would be no reason to share it otherwise). Companies do not make a habit of sharing publicly a) declining profits or b) increasing expenses.

FFG is obviously doing well. They don't have to share exact numbers, it's a nice way of showing "we're doing this much more year over year, and it's taken off in the last 4 years." I applaud them. They are a savvy company making great products.

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