How many fantasy worlds are there anyways? Post one.

I've heard this since I was a child that there was a saturation of fantasy worlds and it's only gotten greater over time.

So let's find out how many by posting one at a time.


1. must be published. I'm sure your home brew game is absolutely amazing, but we have to draw the line somewhere.
2. must be defined as fantasy. For me that means magic emphasis (or Arthur c. Clark high technology disguised as magic).
3. must have a definitive role-playing product. It can have come from another medium, but it must have an RPG that you could theoretically buy.
4. Lumping product. If there is a 1st edition, 2nd edition version, it's lumped together as a single listing with the earliest version taking precedence.

Also, a year, when it began, would help give an idea.

I'll start.

1. Middle Earth (Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, etc) (1937). Despite E. Gary Grumblings, this has to be listed first as it defined the genre.

Needless to say, it's been converted a lot. :D

list so far (in progress)
1. Middle Earth
2. Aryth
3. Glorantha.
4. Oerth/Greyhawk (E. Gary Gygax)
5. Newhon.
6. Blackmoor
7. Khaas
8. Ravenloft
9. The Known World/Mystara
10. Hârn
11. The Dark Eye
12. Ars Magica
13. Stormbringer
14. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
15. Pendragon
16. Grailquest.

17. Scarred Lands
18. Titan
19. The Diamond Throne.
20. Yrth (1986) - GURPS
21. Talislanta (1987) - Bard Games
22. Palladium World (1983) - Palladium Fantasy Roleplay Game
23. The World of the Black Company (d20 rules, 2004) - Green Ronin Press.
24. The Turakian Age ( ) by Steve Long
25. The Valdorian Age ( year?) by Allen Thomas
26. Magnamund by Joe Dever.
27. Westeros (A Game of Thrones RPG, 2005; A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying, 2009).
28. The Wheel of Time (2001).
29. Kingdoms of Kalamar (1994).
30. Garweeze Wurld (2001).
31 Hellfrost. Triple Ace Games.
32 Rokugan. Originally released in 1995
33 Athas. The barren world of Dark Sun, first published in 1991
34 Golarion (Pathfinder rpg)
35 Wilderlands of High Fantasy. Judges Guild 1977.
36 Tékumel. TSR 1975.
37 Hyborian Age -
38 Thieves World. Chaosium 1981.
39 "This" Continent - The Witcher by Andrzej Sapowski in 1990,
40. Krynn,
41. Faerun/Toril
42 MARS - John Carter of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1911.
43. Nentir Vale (2008)
44. Freeport. Green Ronin Publishing (2000)
45. Ptolus. Malhavoc Press (2002)
46. Roshar.
47. Kaidan setting of Japanese Horror (PFRPG), Rite Publishing (2010 - 2017).
48. The Dragon Empire, 13th Age.
49. Eberron (2004),
50. Thra. The world of 1982 film, The Dark Crystal
51. Calidar (2013)
52. Aebrynis/Cerilia - Birthright campaign setting for AD&D 2e (1995).
53. Creation. (Exalted RPG) White Wolf/Onyx Path (2001)
54. Oz - Fantasy World created by L Frank Baum (1900)
55. Dying Earth - Jack Vance (c. 1950)
56. Neverland. Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2020.
57. Witchworld (1989)(Gurps)
58 Aerth. Game Designers Workshop 1992.
59. Wizards -(1992 Rpg, 1977 film).
60. Symbaroum - Swedish TRGP released in 2014,
61. Nyambe
62. Trudvang -
63. Barsaive - (1993)
64. El-Hazard Role-Playing Game (Guardians of Order) (2001)
65 Theáh (AEG) (2000)
66. Amber (1991)
67 Cidri (1980)
68. Snarfquest RPG (2003)
69 Nia (The Arrowflight world) (Deep7. 2001)
70 The World of Two Moons (1987)
71. Kulthea the Shadow World (1987)-
72 GOR (2017, Postmortem Studios)
73 the world of Talisman aka The Realm(2019, Pegasus Spiele)
74 Empire of the Shattered Isles, (Blades in the Dark)
75 Oathbound Domains of the Forge 2002
76 Everquest RPG 2002.
77 Warlords of the Accordlands 2005.
78 Wonderland 1865.
79 Discworld. The Discworld Roleplaying Game (1998)
80. Midgard (2013, but probably sooner)
81. Vast Kaviya (2019)
82. Synnibarr -
83. Fantasy Earth (1984)
84. Mythica (2004)
85. Skyrealms of Jorune (1984)
86. Horseclans (Gurps) (1987)
87. Arcanis 2001.

88 Avadnu 2002.
89. Mouse Guard.
90. Azeroth (Warcraft RPG, 2003; World of Warcraft RPG, 2005).
91. Slayers (Big Eyes Small Mouth version, 1999; d20 version, 2003).
92. The city of Manifest (Ghostwalk, D&D campaign setting, 2003).
93. Primeval Thule
94. Esteren - Setting for Shadows of Esteren a medieval role-playing game,
95. Immoren - Setting for the Iron Kingdoms by Privateer Press in 2004.
96. The Land of Destera
97. Broken Kingdoms (2001) (Fantasy HERO)
98. Ambrethel from The Turakian Age (2004) & The Valdorian Age (2005) Fantasy HERO
99. Scadrial (2008 or 2012)
100. Eternia (1985, FASA) Masters of the Universe RPG
101. Bluffside 2001.
102. Deadlands 1996.
103. Dread Sea Dominions: setting for the Sword & Sorcery P'nP Beasts & Barbarians (GRAmel, 2011)
104. Konoyo: setting for the historical-fantasy Iron Dynasty P'nP (Reality Blurs LLC, 2010)104 Konoyo: setting for the historical-fantasy Iron Dynasty P'nP (Reality Blurs LLC, 2010)
105. Tamriel: setting for the Elder Scrolls, a RPG videogame series, a TT miniatures game (Call to Arms) and fan-adapted to numerous P'nPs (Bethesda Softworks, 1994)
106. Thedas, the continental setting for the Dragon Age series (Green Ronin Publishing, 2010)

107. The Kingdom of Talingarde (2011)
108. Thennla: setting for the Mythras P'nP (The Design Mechanism, 2014)
109. Cerulean Seas - Undersea Campaign Setting by Alluria Publishing (2010).
110. The Lost Lands Frog God Games and Necromancer Games. Around 2000.
111. The Unnamed Continent. First featured in Bungie's series of Myth fantasy tactics games on the PC and, later, receiving the GURPS treatment by Steve Jackson Games.
112. Lovecraft's Mythos 1916 for his first story, 1981 for the RPG.
113. Highpoint (DragonMech) - Goodman Games, 2004.
114. Khitus - Dragon Kings RPG, by Timothy Brown, Soldier-Spy, 2014.
115. The World of Farland - 2000.
116. Fading Suns 1996.
117. the Sundered Skies. (2008)
118. The Untamed Lands. (Gun Metal Games, 2011)
119. Forbidden Kingdoms 2005.
120. The Mad Lands (GURPS)
121. Eternal Rome 2008.
122. The Dragon Empire (Dragonstar, 2001)
123. Io's Blood Isles (Council of Wyrms, AD&D campaign setting, 1994).
124. The Earth of Urban Arcana (d20 Modern campaign setting, 2003).

125. Gothic Earth (Masque of the Red Death, AD&D campaign setting, 1995; updated for D&D 3.5 in 2004).
126. A Thousand Thousand Islands - Southeast Asian-inspired fantasy setting
127. Spelljammer (TSR, 1989)
128. Planescape (TSR, 1994)
129. Jakandor (TSR, 1998)
131. (unnamed world) (Rogue Swords of the Empire, Arabian Sea Tales) (1990's, Better Games)
132 The New World of Crimson Cutlass (1990's, Better Games)
133 Thimhallan, the world of Weiss & Hickman's Darksword trilogy (the fourth book, Darksword Legends, included rules for roleplaying in the setting).
134. The Floating Vagabond and its universe, from Tales from the Floating Vagabond by Avalon Hill.
135, Engel - Europe 2654 AD, (2002)
136. Testament 2003 Green Ronin.
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12. Ars Magica is a role-playing game set in 'Mythic Europe' - a historically grounded version of Europeand the Levant around AD 1200, with the added conceit that conceptions of the world prevalent in folklore and institutions of the High Middle Ages are factual reality (a situation known informally as the 'medieval paradigm'). The players' involvement revolves around an organization of magi and their allies and foes both mundane[2] and supernatural. The game was originally developed by Jonathan Tweet and Mark Rein-Hagen, with its first edition published in 1987.[3]

16. Grailquest. JH Brennan (1984) . If Pendragon is the serious version, this is the tongue-in-cheek version of Arthurian myth. Still, it's got some seriously dark locations and pictures through its 8 choose your own adventure gamebooks.

This is also where I learned how Merlin has a fixation with strange living spaces.
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18. Titan (1982) - Fighting Fantasy
Started by Steve Jackson (not that one, that one) and (Sir) Ian Livingstone, this is a fantasy world built in choose your own adventures that was eventually created an rpg and even had a few of the books turned into d20 modules.

It's a pretty amazing world considering how much of it was thrown together.



19. The Diamond Throne. Malhavoc Press (2003), Monte Cook's old gaming company. It was the gaming world for his variant player's handbook, Arcana Unearthed (and later Arcana Evolved) for the D&D 3.x system. I really loved this world because it was influenced, in part, by my favorite fantasy novels, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. Many of the races and classes were influenced by the inhabitants of The Land (the setting of the novels).

20. Yrth (1986) - GURPS
Done by Steve Jackson (that one, not that one), it's kinda an original fantasy world where a lot of real world religions filtered through as they were catapulted to the world.

GURPS Fantasy - Wikipedia

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