First Post
Tacked to the boards is a cluster of notes, all written with a careful flowing hand. Each appears to be a goodbye, but for a short time (aka 3 weeks). Before all the notes appears a poem.

What if?
An awkward hello
Follows a difficult goodbye
Too much time spent
Searching for those perfect words

Until we meet again...
In this life
Or another
A piece of my heart
Will always be with you
Begging for your soft touch
Pieces of my thoughts
Will always be with you
Begging for the answer...what if?

The first reads:

To Belaros,
A pity, perhaps, that I choose this time to wander, when things are so ‘smooth’ between us. Happy hunting, I shall return, to see what choices you have made; and thus, what courses I choose to take.

With all love

The second reads:

To Byron,
Take care, son of mine, both as my blood and as my friend. Be wise, and take time in your decisions. Know that our contact can never be broken, if you have need, I will return as soon as possible.

Please, with love and care

The next follows:

My dear Mara,
Take care of Byron. He needs you more than he needs me. Stand by him, and do your best to stay out of trouble. Always keep an extra drink handy, it’ll save you most every time.

Below the body is drawn a cartoon face, otherwise seen as something like :p

Love Ariel

Another begins on a new sheet:

For Landis,
I hope all rifts mend with time. I will see you upon my return, and hope that the awkwardness has washed away with the flowing of time. Have a care to know I love you, even if it is not in the way you wish it.

Love dearly Ariel

Yet another note is found:

For Gilgamesh,
I expect some cake when I get back!

And below is found a cartoon drawing of a pig.

Love dearly Ariel

And another note:

For Zanza,
I suppose I’m not leaving on the best of terms. Take care, and forgive me some at least. Things press on my mind, but that is no excuse for my behaviour.

Love Ariel

Yet another note:

For Cyrus,
Well, what can I say? I’m running off for a while, perhaps, in the end, for longer than we both expected. Keep well, keep smiling, and please please keep your lovely attitude. It makes a fresh break of things that I enjoy. You’re company will much be missed.

Love Ariel

The next appears as follows:

For Kehiuda,
I’m pleased to know that you have found a lovely lady to bide your time with. I’m sorry that I could not stay longer, and stand beside you as a friend. You will always have a special place within my heart.

Love dearly Ariel

Also rested at the base of the boards is a box, filled with jars of sugars, one for each recipient as well as a few extra, in case anyone gets puckish and steals them. Oddly enough, there seems a never ending supply when taken by the wrong persons ;-).

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First Post
This has been here some time, and no one has made a reply; I shall make one. I know you by reputation, Ariel. Whatever journey you are taking, I pray it be safe and that, should returning here be what you wish to do, your return is in a short time. Luck be with you.

~Jeajea Veanson


First Post

A quiet figure appears and tacks a short note below the rest.

It appears that strangers have more time for me than those I make time for. Jeajea, thankyou. Perhaps it was your gift of luck that returned me to this place safely. More so, it's nicer to know that someone's bored enough to make me feel pleasant; even if that wasn't your intention.



First Post
Bored enough? On the contrary; it was my intention to make you feel pleasant. I am happy to hear that you have returned safely. May Luck remain with you.


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